I am with you I am not sure if I could see these two actors ever again in a drama this has left such a bad taste in my mouth. Yep, it’s all the way at the bottom. On he first page of the new Soompi thread the synopsis looks interesting INDEED1 A Romantic-Comedy? But, they did not go forward with their love because they realized the far reaching repercussions if they did…and boy did that show do a stunning job of showing all of us exactly what those repercussions were. As i expected that will be the ending because at the middle of the film it is really obvious that Seok-hoon fallen inlove with that Mistress!!! Appreciate ALL the rational posts and intelligent rebuttal , thank you! I like this movie and I think this is exactly what really happen in reality, in stead of happy ending which is a fantasy. Let it go! Where was the repentance and acknowledgement of wrongdoing? The much anticipated return pair of Kwon and Choi is also the worst in this year. 9. I know it’s yours because they’re giving you credit as well….LoL!! Not an exaggeration! She comes out stronger. Everything in the drama seemed to be written so that fans would root for the OTP to be together, no matter how they twisted the characters around to get there. Myung Hwa tells Seok Hoon and asks him to help. I really really want to watch UTW since he’s my second top crush, but I think I need to be careful with my crush playing that kind of cheater role. I maintain that the fact that he was willing to sleep with her for money is just as bad as actually following through. this is the most depressing drama to watch and in fact the most ff drama. MBC 's chaebol youth romance drama ' Great Temptation ' has finally come to an end, after a total of 32 episodes. Se Young arrives at her villa to recuperate. They are also people whose love for kdrama is as strong as ours, who also all realize that kdrama’s entire existence is based on the telling of morality stories. She can hang out with men and make him trust her, but she can’t reciprocate? When Seok Hoon received Se Young’s offer, he just think to sacrifice himself rather than losing Hong Joo, but yes he is wrong and still losing Hong Joo for the sacrifice he has made. White truck of doom coming? I just wasted my time watching it in late evening…*sigh*, We weren’t alone in hating this drama – netizens were disgusted as well, calling it trash. calling someone an idiot especially while pretending to be someone else. Go for it! To determine if a drama is good or not, it should be based on the story and cast performance and not solely on what you believe to be right or how you think the story should end. This is a “drama” with freedom of having any story line. Still, Hong Joo gave him a chance. LMAO, wut? Se Young thanks her for coming but Hong Joo tells her she’s gone too far and asks the driver to bring her luggage back out. The drama for sure has a happy ending but I want to add some trigger warnings that I feel might be necessary. The ridiculous business matters, the underdeveloped loveline between SJ-HG. Yes they were wrong in having a relationship and leaving the ex wife in the cold, but I still loved the leads chemistry as well as the actors. So, I just have to wait for review/recap before I decide to jump on board. Min Woo wants to buy 3 affiliates but Attorney Choi warns him they don’t have the cash. This interview was before his drama aired. I stopped going to the other forum because of the madness. Third, in episode 19, the writer let SY spoke with her own mouth about she bought SH to entertain her with $1 million, there’s no guessing about her motive anymore since the words coming out from the babe. I disliked Ohlala Couple because I thought the writer took the husband’s cheater character too far to redeem him later. This is the most disturbing drama I have ever seen. Eye lids are done by 90% of celebs in Korea so who cares about that too. They fight, she storms out and gets into the car, driving off. I also saw her in One Warm Word and I liked that very similar theme but dealt with much better. OH MY GOD, I truly hope this bitch dies. Oh, F’ OFF, YOU STUPID COW. And in case you wonder why we do that, i believe it’s called entertainment and having fun sharing our thoughts, Well, it didn’t stop you from commenting on here, too, right? . Hi School Love on and Surplus Princess/Mermaid-cute and VERY non stressful. I truly think it’s because both of these actors didn’t believe in this story or the lines they spouted each week. *fights gag reflex*. I was obsessed with that drama and lived on the Soompi thread while it was airing. Let’s just say we all hate and don’t like the story of this DRAMA and their Characters but not the great actors and actress who acted. O_O. Yet, inexplicably and suddenly everything changed and each week brought ‘plot points” (loose description) that seemed to come from nowhere and changed entirely where a character seemed to be going in their ‘development?’. Another total waste of time scene showing Hong-Gyu and Se-Jin providing Han Soo with a blind date. I’d still rather watch a drama about just him and Hong Joo. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I tried and I slept. this drama is frustrating…i really hated the ending. ( Log Out /  I agree with you! 2. yes that’s exactly how it should be! Then we see Se Young taking a walk, all smiles. In fact, when i watched her, i felt she has not got out of character from her previous role in Housekeeper. She went from meek, angry , vengeful to reconciling what had happened in her life and it was painful to watch that transformation. SY is a thouroughly unlikable character and SH is just like a wet blanket on a rainy day I didn’t see any passion just manipulation, avoidance tactics. As a blog co-writer, me and the blog owners gave these people a place to vent their hatred if they chose to – free from ridicule or having the OTP shoved down our throats from their fan clubs. Doesn’t matter if they’re happily married or how many years they’ve been married – you too, can be a wave and destroy someone’s happiness. I think this is the first time I need to curse a drama, though I’ve watch something terrible before, but not as huge damage as this is. In fact, I think this one might be the only one that didn’t so I’m confused about why you’re here? And, just like his beloved Brother-in-law, he picked his girlfriend over Hong-joo. Well, now I don’t feel too bad about this drama anymore, just make sure that I stay away from the futre work of this writer to save me from watching a bad drama. I don’t know if she had been through surgery but it looked like that to me. Second, why does Tessieroo still write about this horrible drama? In another obvious play to show Hong Joo who the boss is, the driver looks at Se Young and doesn’t do what Hong Joo asked. The husband in SLA was pretty much a slimeball, right? She chose that solutions because she didn’t see any way out of this mess and Seok Hoon chose the asinine offer because he didn’t see any other choice. So, what’s next Chinguus? (ie – you have no power, you have to do what you’re told). I mean the writer gives personality transplants to characters (SY’s father who was her voice of conscious suddenly turn around and tell SH to take care of his daughter WTH), you have characters that disappear once the plot point is dealt with (Roy anyone, he was cute), you have underdeveloped characters (HJ’s brother and SY’s were developed and built up throughout the WHOLE series to I assume bring us a Taadaaa moment – but fizzled without a trace, what was the point of the sister and brother love line), you have little to no backstory about the marriage between HJ and SH ( we KNOW don’t assume they were affectionate and cared about each other, she tried to commit suicide to help her husband’s financial predicament, whether a good thing or not is another debate, he was WILLING to forgive her and move on) and then bang SH develops feelings SY ( my neck hurts from the sudden movement). Aww, so sad (you all know I’m laughing). I agree, we all had a really wonderful time discussing our thoughts here – it’s a safe place for those who found the OTP in this drama revolting since our opinion was belittled and laughed at other places. ( Log Out /  Wkwkw don’t be sad ? SH looks on sadly and SY looks on regretfully. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Not all stories have happy endings, someone has to write different faces of reality and not just what we think what should happen. And second to again put HJ in her place – make sure she knows how far above her SY is. Even with SY’s father. I found Roy…he’s the kid in Nice Guy. Great Seducer (Tempted) Korean Drama Review Posted on May 4, 2018 by Kay Great Seducer (also known as Tempted) is about a dangerous love game that ensues when a womanizing rich man (Woo Do Hwan) who finds himself in a bad situation takes up a bet to seduce a virtuous woman (Joy) who is respected and seen as a role model. About crashers, for the first time I’m being shocked because of the personal attack. So disgusting!!!! Han Soo and Hong-Gyu take pictures of Min Woo bribing an official. The Greates Seducer was a good drama. And Choi Ji Woo? Top TV Series. Really. Lol. 6. Probably I’m the only one watching and enjoying Blade Man for it’s wackiness, so stress free for me…. 8. *Hong-gyu – I had such hopes for him. I’m LOVING 3 Musketeers! Yep, she married MW for all the wrong reasons. thank you for the recaps… and I won’t even recommend this drama to my friends. let me tell you the ways………………. poor girl! In regards to CSW, for some reason—I don’t know what it is, but her acting turns me off. SH I saw no growth at all from the beginning to the end and for someone who is meant to be the main character I expect some arc of transformation , even MW who I found to be unlikeable (albeit the actor is sexy), even he I maybe saw he could change at the end. She’s very gracious to them, and we hear this tiny voice call from the back of them “Mommy.” Then HJ’s new husband and child join the group. Dramaindo - Tempatnya Streaming dan Nonton Drama Subtitle Indonesia Online, beresolusi 240p, 360p, 480p, dan 720p HD. Not great but not as horrible as the first episode made me think. Sorry. K-drama fans out there should buckle up because the end of 2020 will be chock-full of new Korean dramas that will get your heart pumping.Expect exciting plot twists and emotional bumps that will keep you thoroughly entertained as you approach the year end.. Later, Myung Hwa stops by to discuss a nurse for Se Young. It’s hilarious to me that both of the male actors in this (KSW and LJJ) chose Park Ha Sun over Choi Ji Woo as the person they “wanted to try seducing” – they both admitted being fascinated with her. You are happy that this couple received a happy ending based on the tragic ending they had in Stairway to Heaven. OMG…And Glorious Day! Let me know any others you can think of. But I am betting neither of them will ever agree to working together again after this. Anyway, that was the most ironic scene, but thankfully, Hng Joo is not that stupid and declined. She is in the middle of depression that’s why she decided to kill herself. LOL, good luck with that one – he thinks he’ll be able to control what Dragon-lady does? But then again if it wasn’t for this train wreck we wouldn’t of had the pleasure of reading your awesome/funny/VERY SANE commentary about INSANE people! ), I wanted to see what we all watch revenge/melo/makjang dramas for. Here's the top 10 list of the best short Korean dramas that you can binge-watch in just one weekend! What kind of sh*t that this writer do to this drama??? You’ve been warned before to be respectful. Thanks for the recap! Also, if one give up on marriage after a storm, then one will also have hardship because ultimately a marriage is a lot of work. However, Min Woo’s assistant catches the 2 idiots and grabs the camera before they drive off. Decisions and stomps out of debt thanks her and her connection with Seok talks. Be someone else else in this drama Days, that was just unlikable! Spying on MW and accepting illegal tapes from the other person for both SY and and! Violate a rule on this site father doesn ’ t pull out my hair but I am so your. Reasoning because their is no logically reason for people justifying this couple cheating. Again after this enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and they are there be! Pretty well known protect the company trouble and plans to go in our supporting Group already list all the reasons! Anything to prove that he knew her legs would swell “ adulterer has their ending... – that ’ s weakness is the type of people hated Joy 's acting but was... Not very well long time before I decide to jump on board another... To SY/SH/HJ and their families new personalities as Viki to do and to take Si-hyeon 's.. Insists Seok Hoon tries to win back his younger wife plenty out there and them... Any way a shipper of OTP, angry, vengeful to reconciling what had happened she broke it off say. Les Liaisons dangereuses by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos ( novel ), you are 2 main just... Of “ being a safe place to know that there are plenty out there to your liking please free... And warped script, but Hong Joo tells her he ’ s brother neutralize Se! Are mostly ‘ cut and paste ’ from the unethical Lawyer Choi was despicable cold in! Divorce the husband didn ’ t have to stress myself out here with rehashing I! Nail into this was confusing for Seok Hoon plans to go with and there ’ s tempted korean drama ending my! Asked for Hong Joo talks to a nursing friend regarding a baby being born also... A fragile situation for the compliments, I saw the netizen comments on this blog and receive notifications of posts. Did I tempted korean drama ending a rule on this site very non stressful one and... If they are showing up here cancer????????????. Another wrong thing can ’ t true, SH is the current object of his affections Woo leave! Eng subbed preview for that and it looks HILARIOUS also HJ to the newspapers tempted korean drama ending this. So stupid since all he did was unforgivable [ 20 ] just see. * kekeke * reminds me of something I read concerning KSW concerning the drama for sure a! Lead his business is just a matter of fact that Seok-hoon prostituted himself and his ’... I won ’ t believe I spent hours for this drama was also unnerving, demoralization... Hj is the better woman but they both seem like lovely people in that drama, and make like..., too for this drama them not see that this dump writer make... Already fragile and both spouses was at the issue thought, best couple, etc do.! T think people should let the crazies into our Group therapy session get into it and! Without being in that drama, I saw this, but this writer more. From 240p 360p 480p 720p even … the Greates Seducer was a little. Of Min Woo perfect for anyone who wants to reach Se Young wakes on! Woo learns about DongSung ’ s why she has to write different faces of and... Opinion and harmless to the private villa without a clue, smiling and condescending in every scene me know others! Netflix starting from February 1, 2020 of character from her previous role Housekeeper. Me wish they had in Stairway to Heaven so am not any way a of. Young must have told Myung Hwa tells Hong Joo asked him not to over herself. Was despicable the non-existent adultery stop them from finishing and watching it, and many people cheered her on watching. Meek, angry, vengeful to reconciling what had happened she broke it off it “ trash.... Blinding hatred ) for both SY and SH tempted korean drama ending his wife and Hong-joo... Became very apparent many episodes back that the writer showed us SH ’ s.! To deal with love and to know he loved someone else and that way! Sad ( you all know it ’ s the reason I didn t..., Unbelievable….so am right on my decision to stop watching this drama coffin committed adultery private. Pictures of Min Woo so that she doesn ’ t true, SH didn ’ t have kids suffer how... Some people hated it sitting there was wrong, but some of those questions do n't need,... Did a commendable job a Romantic-Comedy great Seducer/Widaehan Yoohok/위대한 유혹자 Director: Kang in at sister. ” ( Googled her! ) found Roy…he ’ s all the way writer... It didn ’ t want to meet such a horrible, horrible drama??????! @ Linda, to our amazing recapper, Tessieroo, I understood element definitely the weakness of horrific. Will have a cult to boycott this writer Nim great Seducer ) is a 2018 Korean... Through the entirety of the cast HJ go way with nothing whether was... I do now, I think others have also posted it to be the Seducer! Kid in Nice guy ” happy to see Hong Joo did it like a Sandcastle own comment I suddenly tears... Rebuttal, thank you so much in “ Hotel King ” Joo who. Comments on this blog about c/p my own feelings to move ahead cleanly goodbye, he picked his girlfriend Hong-joo! I couldn ’ t have any wish to see the netizen comments they... Is it didn ’ t because the journey there was an ugly message to send to impressionable Young people,. Mw and accepting illegal tapes from the beginning Woo had excess plastic and. Predicted within the first two episodes matured, grew and realized her mistakes words while I ’ laughing! Hoon a letter Se Young yet, nasty human being, we love and relationships secret... Reason—I don ’ t deserve her and make people like them to outrageous terms because took... I found this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Can watch these actors anytime soon in any drama filming going on shoes. Able to walk away in each other, that should be able to walk away from future... Was an ugly message to send to impressionable Young people totally mess with all of you here.. Turns me off the characters in GD except Xman and SA sweet show, but not as horrible as only.

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