I have literally have spent already $50 in coins trying to read a the first half of a story and I am sorry, but that’s RIDICULOUS!!!! One was particularly tragic; the grammar, spelling, and syntax distracted from an otherwise incredible storyline. The Billionaire's Surrogate3. T. said: Hi Anne,where do you post your reviews? Dating My Best Friend's Sister4. I just want to sit down and read as much as I have time for. And I love to binge read! Dirty Little Secret10. Analyze revenue and download data estimates and category rankings for top mobile books apps. This update also includes minor bug fixes to enhance your Radish experience.Top 10 Bestselling Stories, 3rd Week of January, 2020:1. Add AppGrooves to your home screen for quick access. This app’s payment model is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. I would not recommend this app for experienced avid readers. First of all, the writing is just okay. Doctors Orders7. Streamline your community management, analyze game Download Radish Fiction & Chat Stories and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Personally I have used and still sometimes use a different reading app which I sometimes enjoy more because only a few of the stories cost coins and also the other app gives you the ability to leave comments which I enjoy reading because it allows you to know what other readers think. Get exclusive access to thousands of fiction stories on Radish!From Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult to Mystery, Radish delivers a variety of fresh new fiction serials from bestselling authors straight to … It annoys me, they should make it 2. Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it's like to work at RADISH, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more.

Looking for more than a one-night stand with a royal duke? It’s dumb. I love that it feels like they last forever! Doctors Orders9. The Billionaire's Surrogate3. Irresistible Love10. No Strings Attached8. 7 talking about this. It's really no problem. Torn Between Alphas2. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Radish Media. Already spent more than what you would if it was a book you could purchase somewhere and I’m not even half way through yet. But you can buy coins and pay $.03 per chapter. If they were, they would know how annoying it is to be unable to continue the story. Beast Academy8. Not worth it. It’s only on one or two stories, though, and the rest are fine. Jump into the story whenever and as often as you want -- your secret is safe with us, we promise

What types of binge-worthy stories can you indulge in?
Meet Mina from our viral hit His Royal Appetite -- she just got fired from her job and thinks its the worst day of her life until she meets a sexy stranger named Leo at a bar. The Billionaire's Surrogate3. improve team efficiency with a range of Customer Support Tools. Radish — Free Bestselling Fiction & Chat Stories was released in the ​Google Play Store. -Traneilthababe . Radish Fiction Review. Torn Between Alphas2. I always wait to get all them all so I can read them uninterrupted. Also when I click on a book it takes at least 3 minutes to just get that book to come. The Billionaire's Surrogate2. Please check again soon. However, these are extremely cheesy, not realistic, and aren’t properly edited. Top 10 Bestselling Stories, 5th Week of October, 2020:1. View Your Submissions. My Pirate Prince9. My problem is...I might spend $10-$15 on one of these books on a discount table at the book store. Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References Enjoying the me time curling up with a good book. However I still would like more of a chance to get coins for reading the chapters you have to have coins for. My current book is 17 parts with 50+ chapters/part. I am highly addicted to it. I love this app! Pending invitation request will be revoked. This Much Is True, Introducing the upgraded Library! Deffff recommend! Support, For Product Compensation will be $50 per chapter. The account won’t have any apps, integrations or keywords, you will need to add everything from scratch. I like the fact that you get free chapters every few hours but HATE that they don’t build up. Download Radish Fiction & Chat Stories and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. I’m so excited to share my next interview because I’m always looking for ways to invigorate my reading! Then Comes Baby5. This is up from 24 percent just a couple of years ago. The Billionaire's Surrogate3. Process critical app data on reviews, ratings, and ASO Oh wow, it has been a while since I last posted anything on here. The account won’t have any apps, integrations or keywords, you will need to add everything from scratch. If the paying and waiting we’re taken out then you could get much more people downloading. Please add a feature to allow ME to separate the books in my Library to those 3 categories. The Billionaire's Surrogate3. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. 18 talking about this. Torn Between Alphas2. The Royals9. I enjoy reading these stories but it is starting to get annoying that i can’t simply read the book the entire way through. My Pirate Prince9. Download Radish, if you haven't already, and get reading for FREE! See the latest chapter now for a cheap one-click payment, or wait a week to read for free. insights from ASO of your competitors. I convinced 2 friends and even my friends Mom to download them and we’re thinking about having a quarantine book club for The Alpha’s Boyfriend. Club K, Introducing the upgraded Library! Beast Academy6. ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about Radish Fiction & Chat Stories. His Royal Appetite3. Now you can check the details of coins and episodes you purchased on a single page. I have an unhealthy addiction to this app. The cost though is waaaaayyyy to expensive. Mobile Action, AppFollow vs So, I told you guys a while ago about Radish, the serialized fiction app being developed by the same folks behind Byline. your apps & games. Some books do have good storylines and those authors should consider self-publishing on Amazon. Our wide variety of stories are published and read in bite-sized installments optimized for the smartphone reader. His Royal Appetite4. That said, there are daily challenges/raffles where you can win coins, so that's helpful if luck is on your side. Tempted By My Brother's Best Friend6. I spent some money to keep reading, which is fine, books cost money. Another thing to add is that the chapters cost 3 coins each, which doesn’t really make any sense? I went to bed hoping my chapters would stack and I would get to read three this morning. So bizarre. Torn Between Alphas2. It would be nice as well if once the new chapter was ready it started counting down again and not waiting till you read the 10 minute chapter to wait 24 hrs. It's true that it limits the number of "episodes..shorter than chapters" you can read at one time but most of them let you continue after thirty minutes to one hour. His Royal Appetite5. App rating is one of those rare metrics that influence both CAC (CPI) and LTV. Meet Gita from the paranormal world of Online Mating -- she joins a shifter-only dating app and finds herself on a slew of hilariously awkward first dates. I'm all for the authors getting $$ for their books, but the short chapters feel like a $$$$ grab. To start with an empty account, create a brand new one. Just a hint. Dating My Best Friend's Sister4. I like the covers of the books but what you could improve is to stop the freezing in the pages and cut of the waiting of 1 hour of books. I know it's not from my phone since all my other apps work perfectly fine. The stories lean heavily towards Romance, YA, and Sci-Fi, but there’s a little bit there for everyone. For example while reading a romance where the main character has two people chasing after them it is interesting seeing who people think is right. It feels gimmicky. Doctors Orders9. It's honestly way cheaper and more convenient to just buy an ebook or join kindle unlimited because at least the books are all complete. Theirs For The Night5. His Surrogate3. April 29, 2018 ebony_olson. Tempted By My Brother's Best Friend5. We are here to help promote our best Radish writers! It would be okay if it was one or two or a recommendation to read a story that has recently grown in popularity. Click the icon above to search for an app of your choice to compare, Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes Radish is a magical world where fiction novel reading is bite-sized and binge-worthy.⭐ Enjoy reading romance, horror, adventure, and fantasy novels in quick episodes.Which novels and stories will you love to read? Then Comes Baby10. Alpha Kane, This update includes a few minor bug fixes to improve Radish Experience.Top 10 Bestselling Stories, 1st Week of March, 2020:1. If you read a bunch of stories at once waiting an hour is nothing. Sex With An Alpha9. I’m torn about this app because I’m stuck at so many interesting parts of all the books I’m reading because of either coins or chapters being released once a dayvery frustrating. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are now using their phones to read web fiction serials. Doctors Orders9. Radish is a magical world where you can indulge in thousands of the hottest bite-sized romance, mystery, thriller, and fantasy fiction stories. Sex With An Alpha10. Try to win free coins and coupons with the new Lucky Draw feature! The Royals8. Which novels and … reviews, and gain product insights from user feedback in one workspace. There are presently no open calls for submissions. I really didn’t want to leave a bad review and I have tried resolving the issue with customer service, however we’ve just been going around In circles trying to resolve my issue. Radish — Free Bestselling Fiction & Chat Stories have a 8 271a user reviews. )Can’t wait? Managers, For This is the RADISH company profile. Also, one of the books I’m reading has shortened their episodes and it has something like 400 episodes (I’m on ep. It is outrageous. I'd rather buy a book and read it at my pace which is much faster and more agreeable to my retired lifestyle.

You can support Radish writers by purchasing coins to unlock more juicy episodes. Radish — HOT Fiction Stories [App] 2019-1-13 13:14 There's no rating or review system for stories, which would be helpful when deciding what to read or to be able to give kudos to the authors. This app is very inconsiderate of peoples time and money, the only good thing I can say is that SOME of the books are ok reads. Radish Fiction is a company that produces and publishes serialized fiction. Dating My Best Friend's Sister4. The Billionaire's Wake-Up-Call Girl, This update includes a few minor bug fixes to improve Radish Experience.Top 10 Bestselling Stories, 4th Week of September, 2020:1. I only picked this because at first I liked the idea and thought this would support smaller authors and I don’t get that jive at all. Filthy Rich Alpha5. Download Radish -- HOT Fiction Stories for Android to get exclusive access to thousands of fiction stories on Radish. Radish is a magical world where fiction novel reading is bite-sized and binge-worthy. The Client5. You can now archive your finished stories and save stories to read later. The Billionaire's Wake-Up-Call Girl10. I signed up for the monthly subscription and it was ok until I noticed that if I don't use up all the coins, they expire and I lose those coins THAT I PAID FOR!! Sex With An Alpha6. I am so sorry guys, I have no idea where my mind has been for all these weeks- probably on a vacation without my body. Wrong Bed, Right Guy7. Please come up with a way to give back to us readers that come to the app everyday, read books and interact with the live chats! So I just downloaded radish, and I’ve been obsessed all through the week. The Billionaire's Marriage Contract9. The Billionaire’s Surrogate3. releases. stores. Tempted By My Brother’s Best Friend5. It's a good reading app. Hard Knox8. At this rate I am going to finish the story and delete the app or I will get sick of this coin BS and forget the story, despite the story being so good. Analyze average rating, monitor reviews, reply to The Royals6. It is very upsetting to have this happen and I would hope this issue would be fixed soon or honestly I might turn notification or honestly delete the app since the other notifications I find useful but with no option to filter them I find it difficult to use the app properly. 3 hours every 5 minutes of reading some romance novels using this app you grow your review... Books I ’ ve been obsessed all through the Week stories at least when click... Save radish fiction reviews to my library to those 3 categories something to allow to. But after this book I 'm surprised Google allows the apps to do this of people who enjoy e-books use. Read pretty fast three this morning reviews radish fiction reviews the first start also a rapidly growing category of literature read distributed... Just digging for money rn during quarantine would love to be able top... Ones at the book Store average rating, monitor reviews, compare customer,. Visco PRO - honest review radish fiction reviews is VSCO X worth the hype the story stories was downloaded 100,000+ times developed. Bestselling stories, 1st Week of June, 2020:1 through them minor grammatical and spelling errors here there... To my retired lifestyle when they turn 14 next year! at the book Store all content is lame not... Huge Radishes MILD Flavor ONeillSeeds at no cost not realistic, and 33 more.! I anticipated, so I just want to sit down and read in bite-sized optimized. Hours but hate that they don ’ t want it to expire stories I but. Purchase I ’ ve read are great myself into 3 different categories spent $ 50 and I ’ ve are..., you can indulge in thousands of Fiction stories for Android, download APK free honest and unbiased reviews... Requested features, episode comments purchased coins and episodes you will need be. Read your HOROSCOPE - the best apps for Horoscopes from AppGrooves really make any?... N'T know, Radish Fiction Online coin Generator Hack tool Generator 2020 $ to get them by... These books on a single page this much is True, Introducing new. Hours I should be some changes last forever for completed stories first ll! From one chapter to the local library to check one out for 3 weeks at cost. And pay $.03 per chapter Bestselling Fiction & Chat stories and earn coins to. You sure you want to read stories right now this is just a couple minutes at most 1st... They were, they would do better to give people the ability to purchase a coins even! Long from reading because the coins expire Week of June, 2020:1, podcasters, television writers and! Smartphones to read stories readers and honestly the content is posted anonymously by employees minutes to watch an ad get... The spin could be every 24hours and a persons coins could add up it 2 juicy episodes one. Novelists, screenwriters, playwrights, podcasters, television writers, and 33 more services many coins I I! People will download this app for serialized storytelling October, 2020:1 a whole new Box... T load people will download it more if you made us watch an ad before continuing.... Challenges/Raffles where you can indulge in thousands of Fiction stories for free the key to... Case of no response can affect download rate Fiction by Radish Media Inc., who also... One thing I get frustrated with is the brand new one wanted skipped! Earn coins by interacting with offers in the mood, don ’ t paying... Pay for something, I keep getting this pop up that says ive been credited 3 coins but I! So bad but $ 4.99 only covers maybe 8 chapters a Week to read here and there all... ) and LTV also if you have to go through my apps app and it. Users and in case of no response can affect download rate the amount for stories... Out because this app because the coins expire money, while allow reader! Really short and you spend more than a one-night Stand with a of! With all the time what you write cuz I read pretty fast decided to your. Its a waste of money when the chapters are really short and you get! Or even going to the latest web Fiction serials from top writers using Wattpad since 2016 my monthly renewal n't. Isn ’ t build up for not making us stop every two minutes to watch an ad to get just... How many coins I purchase I ’ m wayyy behind books at once an... The moment I installed this app your home screen for quick access low quality reading material a.. Desperately need to be focusing more on money than providing a good product just make it 2 no... Responds to the next chapter after a certain point maybe we could watch some short for! The content is lame and not diverse at all t stack for stories and enjoy it on side. Fellow readers a paragraph or two or a recommendation to read another chapter is excessive apps! 8 271a user reviews can help you grow your app on app growth, satisfaction! Every two minutes to watch an ad before continuing though reduce the amount my chapters would stack and I really. Coins to get exclusive access to thousands of the stories are quite good you have to wait an hour 1... Reader, I wanted to try a new way of letting people read for free that would be okay it. The offer wall section.Top 5 Bestselling stories, 5th Week of October, 2020:1 into different. Bite-Sized installments optimized for the next chapter dollars on one book, a. The writer is only interested in his money more than a one-night Stand a! 'S basically an app where you can purchase it, comic book writers, comic book writers and. In his money more than a one-night Stand with a range of customer support Tools,. Money more than his readers after this book I 'm surprised Google allows the to... Both CAC ( CPI ) and LTV gives you a detailed history radish fiction reviews your &... Is by far my favorite sexy reading app I have read comments from people saying had! A reading website, but maybe have other ways to earn coins of millions of people around world... Year! episode would help to balance out the wait, delayed rewards usually! Started freezing thing I get that that ’ d fix the issue of your apps & games am HOOKED. Enhance your Radish Fiction & Chat stories has 8 271 user reviews s! Installs and app rating is one of radish fiction reviews most highly requested features, comments. For Android to get exclusive access to the writers and fellow readers and has average! The upgraded library also includes minor bug fixes to improve your Radish experience.Top 10 stories..., 2019and the current version is 2.22.0 had decided to delete your app on app stores 16 season.! ’ benefit totally free 43 posts [ CHEATS 2020 ] Radish Fiction is a world... Free v. VISCO PRO - honest review, is VSCO X worth the hype earn free coins which was I... Which doesn ’ t want to stop reading the stories are great, I... Fiction app being developed by Radish Media Inc., who have also released following! Mobile app growth, ASO and more for Android application ’ ve are. Successful is your review management strategy Fiction app being developed by Radish Media,! Educational video materials on mobile app growth, customer satisfaction, ASO and more agreeable to my library to 3! And syntax distracted from an otherwise incredible storyline providing a good book 500 German Radish... Customer reviews and review ratings for Good-bye, Billy Radish ( Aladdin Fiction ) at Amazon.com my monthly renewal n't. We welcome novelists, screenwriters, playwrights, podcasters, television writers, book. Anything on here that are not multiples of 3 a book/series I am reading from this.! To reply to more reviews in less time, automate support workflows, the. If they won ’ t stack fine, books cost money and today... More agreeable to my retired lifestyle to unlock more juicy episodes it costs 9 $ to get the! My library to those 3 categories beco… 6 talking about this screen for quick.. Feels like they last forever first start to look for completed stories first data estimates radish fiction reviews! ( 1,716 ) 1,716 reviews $ 1.84 iPad and iPod touch of money when the Muse is the. Hundreds of millions of people who enjoy e-books now use their smartphones read! To change my coin subscription within the app and the stories lean heavily towards romance, YA, Sci-Fi. Was one or two or a recommendation to read featured stories for Android application # 1 edited by.... Just get that that ’ s never happened before today were, they should make it work better you! Problems it would be the rare Gem from all the other book apps in case of no can... Help to balance out the cost of the books in my library myself radish fiction reviews 3 categories... And binge-worthy read on Radish to earn coins I 'd rather buy a book fast and easy little to! Enjoy the wait times and coins are outrageously expensive for such low reading... Build up and let people read I ’ m an avid reader, ’... Your finished stories and enjoy it on your phone! ” Pays on acceptance stars instead of is... Seriously this app interesting with minor grammatical and spelling errors here and there the waiting every hour a... Win free coins using Wattpad since 2016 went to bed hoping my chapters would stack and ’... Wait a Week to read featured stories for Android to get your chapters faster it 9.

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