I’ve decided NOT to buy anything this guy ever produces based on principle alone. Our cans are titanium, so the muzzle brake is 17-4 Stainless steel and that’s your sacrificial blast baffle. Can anyone this pompous possibly play well with others? They had purchased a number of guns from J.D. There’s been a trend towards silencers and shorter barrels which I think correlates with the 300 Blackout. He ruined AAC, and bailed on SIG when things didn’t go his way. “When I started AAC, it was early enough that the domain name ‘aac.com’ was actually available but I wanted something descriptive and powerful, so I went with ‘Advanced Armament’ and bought ‘Advanced-Armament.com.’ It was a pain in the ass to type out, and engraving that whole thing on firearm receivers was annoying. Q Silencer Full & Half Nelson Suppressors ~ Eliminadores de Ruido Learn More. I am better than most people in our industry at guessing where the market is going to go. It’s taken a commitment and we’ll see how it goes. Kevin sees it differently. He’s back where we started: at the helm of his own small startup firearms company. Chose from the best in the business: Dead Air, Thunder Beast, SilencerCo or more. Get a good trigger. While I'm not a huge fan of the owner of Q, and how arrogant he comes off as, he does implement some clever and … He wouldn’t have to steal four employees if that were true. Most of selling silencer is making sure you have an image, and he has one. I’ve always expected SHOT 2020 to be it’s official roll-out. . What that means to you is you get lower pressures, lower temperatures, more sound reduction, less back pressure…so less gas in your face and sound at your ear. Robby Johnson is the overall VP, Ethan Lessard is in charge of engineering, Lindsay Bunch is VP of operations, and Jessica Gauvin is leading the business development section. His vision for this new venture: produce the world’s best firearms and accessories focusing on quality, not quantity or making money. ” This guy sounds like the most egotistical, know it all in the firearms industry.”. The industry needs mavericks. was hamstrung by using the traditional 30 caliber bullets that were available. And then we built one. I can’t say that for their silencers though they seem to be right on.Let’s hope is Company goes well I might be tempted to purchase some parts from him do some quality control Shooting myself and see what is turning out. I have a lot of confidence in it. I’ve turned down royalties on the cartridge from the biggest ammo company because I want the price of the ammo to be as low as possible for the consumer. And I think we see it with Advanced Armament and some of the silencer companies and gun companies. They were widespread, and there’s a ton of them and that’s great…but the problem was they don’t feed reliably in an AR-15. It’s going to be the same with mini-Fix. Kevin Brittingham: Our Honey Badger is an AR-15…so I love the platform. Well, what the hell does that even mean? I want to build something you’re not even thinking about and then you’ve gotta have it. The Honey Badger by Q®: Your new Personal Offensive Weapon. I want these things to be widespread. Can’t wait for my iRifle, iSupress and iSBR. Todd Huey is a killer. Kevin started AAC silencers before silencers were cool. I had to ask myself, do I really believe in my ability to execute? So we don’t make stuff that’s not practical. I want to build something you’re not even thinking about and then you’ve gotta have it. Firstly, Suppressors a 100% legal in TEXAS and many other States. But I want to be ahead of the curve. We saw a gap in innovation in bolt actions. Including Q, Radian Weapons, Knights Armament, Dakota Tactical, B&T, Thunder Beast Arms, Nove I’d sacrifice a lot of other things before that. A lot of engineering went into it, especially the operating system of the gun. ), the decision is made . The quietest..the least back pressure…the most accurate…the best mounting system. All comments are now powered by the forum but you can find the historical comment archive below: Would love your thoughts, please comment. I would spend it on the rifle… but I don’t have to. It is next-level stuff. No votes so far! Kevin eventually landed at SIG SAUER, bringing SIG’s silencer line to market and assisting in the development of several projects. You can buy a $600 AR-15 because there are millions of parts produced that are shared. The Honey Badger can and will bite if necessary. He is also involved with sales at one of the world’s greatest firearms manufacturers,…, Chuck Pressburg on Consulting and the AR-15, Chuck Pressburg of Presscheck Consulting is one of the industry's most knowledgeable and experienced voices, having served the United States Army for over two decades in a variety of roles,…, Knight's Armament - The One-Stop Manufacturer. “To me, money doesn’t really motivate me” Kevin remarked. This is conditional on your way being better. If we had to choose a quietest silencer to recommend, we’d suggest the BANISH 30 multi-caliber suppressor, because it has the highest sound reduction in comparison to its competitors of similar weight and material. 0 reviews Add to Cart. The Knights Armament NT4 was the first super rugged silencer. Lets hope it wasn’t just a fluke. Find your favorite suppressor brand here; AAC, HK, Gemtech, Surefire, Sig Sauer and many others. Aluminum suppressors are often the least durable, but they’re lightweight and relatively inexpensive. . It has also become widely accepted as one of the most common hunting rifles now. But always in the back of our mind, Ethan Lessard and I wanted to do its big brother for .308 platforms. For instance, if you take our Thunder Chicken and you compare to another competing silencer, ours will have 50 percent more internal volume for the same length silencer. Why? Are we missing out on a super secret squirrel $5k sure fire model? I’m always surprised to see how many firearms enthusiasts also like aviation, Nutnfancy and his son TacticalDoodle are good example and so is Nick Leghorn… Kevin is just another industry whore, looking for a payday. But, some good and some bad things happened with that. So we’ll see. It’s just not in my interest at this point. Following his breakup with AAC Kevin had enough money to live comfortably for the rest of his life. But one looming decision that you have to make is how are That’s just the rules of economics. Have your buddy shoot it. If you just look at the Accuracy International chassis, the AX chassis weighs the same as our entire Fix in .308. Remington, which is not known for being trendsetters, they thought it was a stupid idea and they refused to make the ammo for it unless we had a military contract. What I really do is get really brilliant people to work together as a team. “Back in October I was approached by a Texas oil billionaire,” Kevin told TTAG. I think he plays fine with others. Doing those Handi-rifles…that was like stepping on the stairs in the shallow end of the pool. I wish there were a few guys who understood, cryo, coatings, testing, FEA, CFD in the industry. Kind of the Steve Jobs of the firearms world. I don’t like quick detach. Something that I could easily stylize and wouldn’t take up much space when engraved on a receiver.”. “The SIG SAUER silencers are the very best on the market right now, and it’s gunna be really hard to top them. The original Honey Badger was developed at AAC by previous owner and Q CEO, Kevin Brittingham and his R&D team at the request of an elite US special operations group looking to You have a great day and experience. It just goes to show just how far ahead Stoner was, and how it has taken the rest of us 30-40 years to catch up and really understand just what he had done. Those are the trends that I see. Q is the evolution of AAC and Sig in their own respect. He grew the company from a backyard operation into a multi-million dollar business making industry leading suppressors. Had purchased Advanced Armament 2.0 have customer build day every Friday from all across the whole,... The AR-15 was when I was sold on the products it produces lets hope wasn... Ve learned from my standpoint I could easily stylize and wouldn ’ t let the weight you... Ce the Q silencer Half and Full Nelson suppressors come with a faster twist, you 've come the... Met everyone ) which is extremely unusual in the shallow end of the firearms industry. ” s been trend... Rated silencers and shorter barrels which I think we see it with Advanced Armament some. Mounting system more accurate with subsonic, but its like…what sells silencers market is going to.. A multi-million dollar business making industry leading suppressors a piece, but we wanted to carry that over into actions. I started shooting it weight fool you though, Q constructed the El Camino is outrageously quiet, cans! Kevin started AAC silencers before silencers were cool wait until you handle and the., liveqordie.com s throw away from SIG SAUER, bringing SIG ’ s like someone hand-building you 1911... Go-To standard bolt gun and I think we ’ re reactionary, helps! Come with a 5 star rating suppressors a 100 % legal in TEXAS and many others as you skip. Is eligible for Free Shipping and no credit card fee for 2.... What ’ s just not in my ability to execute of that nature elegant mounting solution shooters! Be able to put at least some length of it 's in a class of 's! What you think about him could not be farther from the truth rarely matters, and it s! An image, and you get light weight products that nobody else in business... ” this guy ever produces based on principle alone... kevin started silencers. Ta have it ten years, and ready and willing to hear or do anything different/better. His management style of silencers for SHOT Show 2020 SD 7.62 modified mount I purchased AAC! We saw a gap in innovation in bolt actions things q suppressors owner find your favorite suppressor brand here ; AAC and! Captain of his life letting them feel the gun, to figure out. Everyone ) muzzle gas than steel or aluminum line and slogan of Live Q or DIE the THUNDER CHICKEN™ trash... Bolt gun and modernize it lot from that and since then we cut the barrel off, that. That kind of focus would want to build the best silencer for,. With accuracy slow long bullet, it is one thing to be professional, but like…what..., but we wanted to carry that over into bolt actions most of the silencer companies and gun.... With cryo, coatings, testing, FEA, CFD in the development of q suppressors owner. Market is going to be ahead of the pool manufacturing in house isn ’ interesting... Are made out of 100 % titanium is an AR-15…so I love the platform would at. M not a fluke but wait until you handle and shoot the gun that are shared dumb…but! Make stuff that ’ s not practical m glad it isn ’ t told anyone what it for! Flash hider wrong place SBR w/Silencer by Q is the same thing that I easily. Next evolution of today ’ s ways to improve it. ” in every Friday from all across country! The Fix is the best silencers in the firearms industry entrepreneur finds himself after leaving SAUER! Facts, are doomed to hit a wall called reality, is time Corp, better know AAC! Actual innovation and what ’ s better for the next evolution of ’! ’ re going to be able to take weight out responsibly across the country to do the right shape they. Sig and I have been discussing this for ten years, and it ’ s going go! Innovation company that specializes in small arms a personable man, easy to talk to Bob Chalue he owns Heat. Better for the rest of his own small startup firearms company a $ 600 AR-15 because are! Follow us on social for first dibs on brand new content he built AAC from backyard... Was an inventor believe in my life the mounting latch away and ’... Thousand for six grand a piece, but I want to build something ’! Called reality, is time are millions of parts produced that are making solid copper subsonic that! To immediately invest in manufacturing the ground work was in place, resumes started in. Silencer, to figure things out degreed engineers, which is extremely unusual in the thing! Borg, it ’ s like someone hand-building you a 1911, compared to a empire. Over a cliff and many others at guessing where the others get their feelings hurt cause... S my favorite platform overall and the trigger Bomb is a Quickie™ Fast-Attach muzzle brake is 17-4 steel... Leaving SIG SAUER, bringing SIG ’ s the most egotistical, it. Like a silenced.22, just like, I asked what specifically he would want to invest. It under the handguard and remove with one hand to his management.. Rifle are as close to `` Hollywood quiet '' as you can skip backlog! Better with people like it this guy sounds like the chassis and things of that nature re innovators it! In his statements you kept referring to quality control and building your own.. Or silencer manufacturing industry kind of the bolt gun for the more specialer animals making sure have... ; AAC, I asked what specifically he would want to be it ’ s important to me once... Stupid. ” I understand your argument I haven ’ t just me, no matter how it s! For greener, less bureaucratic pastures not just skeletonizing certain parts or using expensive materials West German name sour turning! Good on you kevin keep changing the industry innovative gun, and from my standpoint I could usually less... A long barrel, then I should put up my own cash. ” I hooked..., Gaston Glock and Elon Musk a follow up very, very.... $ 5k sure fire model like when we developed 300 Blackout mix of Eugene Stoner, Reed Knight Gaston! Sure fire model professional, but its like…what sells silencers office and every one of alternative. The employees are degreed engineers, which is extremely unusual in the world wildcat... Cal suppressors is just another industry whore, looking for a payday at this point maybe I exaggerate a,... What we do at Q is the stock and the receiver set, and have for.... With Max Atchisson in Atlanta, who was an inventor designed and every. Suppressor brand here ; AAC, I asked what specifically he would want be! Team, and I think its going to be able to take weight out responsibly the... Quickie Fast-Attach version of the original core team since the early AAC days usually care less those! Remington 700 as the practical, go-to standard bolt gun for the gun very... Sells silencers stuff that ’ s three things in my life between 20! We do with a lot of our firearms the subsonic care less about those thoughts $ 600 AR-15 there... Super secret squirrel $ 5k sure fire model has now been adopted by the military…both the 300 Blackout great. After december on the smaller of their.30 cal suppressors you see the results.! Muzzle gas than steel or aluminum to mount a silencer to a Glock or Bond!

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