With the sugar free plum jam….if I can it in small jars… how long would I be able to keep it on the shelf? Last time bringing it to a boil at the lower temperature, stirring … It also makes a fabulous peanut butter and jelly sandwich on my Paleo Bread. Turn heat down and allow to simmer for 45 … This will be my first. Since only 1 1/2 cups sugar is used to make four (8-ounce) jars, and since sugar is what helps to set a jam, the trick here is to use a pectin that is labeled for less-sugar or no-sugar recipes to help it set up. After you remove the pits from the plums, place up to 8 pounds in a tall 12-quart pot with a bit of water, just enough so that you won’t scorch the fruit as it heats. I have made blackberry preserves using blackberries, water, a bit of stevia, touch of lemon juice and Chia seeds. Bring to the boil and then simmer until set, skimming off any scum. A perfect option for those who prefer cutting down the sugar intake!Read more ...Visit my blog for more … Working in batches, add plums and boil for 20 seconds or until skins easily peel away; remove with slotted spoon and transfer to ice water. Stir in plums, spiced water, lemon juice, and butter. Use a fruit knife to cut the plums in half (vertically), then twist to open and remove the stone. Thank you Elana In a short amount of time we managed to pick over 17 pounds. Top with lids and rings that have been washed in hot soapy water, rinsed and air dried. The recipe called for 1 1/2 C. sugar … I hope this helps. They’re not something I would eat, but tasted fine when I dipped a spoon in to check that their flavor was on point. Boil hard 1 minute, stirring constantly. Cover and boil … I use one-half cup of water for every batch. Low Sugar Cinnamon Plum Jam Recipe Without Pectin: If you have lots of plums on hand make this homemade low sugar cinnamon plum jam! Measure exactly 6-1/2 cups prepared fruit into 6- or 8-qt. Meanwhile, warm sugar … Reply. … Parla, Paria, I haven’t tried that but would think it’s worth a go. Nov 12, 2019 - Want to make a plum jam recipe, but aren’t so sure about using all of that sugar in a no-pectin recipe? This spiced plum jam… Pit your plums, blend them (or don’t, depending … Bounty Foods Montana Variety Pack - Flathead Cherry - Sugar Plum Jam 9 Ounce 2 Pack - all Wild Grown (FC-SPJ 2-9) 2.3 out of 5 stars 8 $26.95 $ 26 . Keep the heat low and stir continuously to keep the jam from scorching on the bottom of the pan. Bring to full rolling boil (a boil that doesn't stop bubbling when stirred) on high heat, stirring … Photos on elanaspantry.com may not be used. The jam will keep for up to 10 days if you use a clean mason jar that is either straight from the dishwasher or washed by hand with hot soapy water, then thoroughly dried. For this plum jam recipe however, I used a cooking thermometer (or candy thermometer) instead. Learn how to make plum jam! Next time I’m going to make jam with Paige and I plan on testing out a batch that is a 1 to 10 ratio of sugar to fruit. I’ve even seen some that use twice as much sugar as fruit. Reduce heat to medium-low. This plum jam recipe has a small amount of commercial pectin, which lets you use less sugar… 2 1/2 tablespoons powdered pectin (for low-sugar or no-sugar recipes), 1 1/4 pounds red plums (washed, pitted, and roughly chopped). … 4-5 minutes. Sarah, yes that is what I do for this recipe. Picking ripe wild mirabelle plums straight from the tree was so much fun! Place a rack in the bottom of a large stockpot and fill halfway with water. A typical jam recipe will contain twice as much fruit as sugar pound for pound. But I did contribute to our labor by turning 17 pounds of that fruit into jam in one evening. Place plums in a food mill and mash all of them, catching the juice in a large bowl. Back to Low-Sugar Plum Spread. I had to keep up with her plum production process and do something with all that precious local fruit. of plums. (Nutrition information is calculated using an ingredient database and should be considered an estimate. Add remaining 1 1/4 cups sugar and return the jam to a full rolling boil, stirring. and of course eating them raw for breakfast on top of my oatmeal.Today I’m sharing a wild plum jam recipe with you, which is sugar … This jam does not need to be canned, but must be refrigerated (up to 3 weeks) or frozen (up to 1 year). This spiced jam would make a great food gift, especially at the end of summer and beginning of fall when plums are at their juiciest. Combine plums, apples, grape juice (or fruit juice) and lemon juice in a large, heavy-bottomed, nonreactive Dutch oven. Bring mixture to full rolling boil (a boil that doesn't stop bubbling when stirred) on high heat, … this is exactly how we do canning for jams and jelly, the plum jam is this weeks adventure for me thank you for the recipe. I am doing all kinds of experimenting. I grew up with the black elderberry in Germany. My Food and Family ... Place fruit in saucepan; add water. This is a looser-set jam recipe… It’s a favorite of mine too :-), Can soft ripened plums be used the ones that fall off the tree & onto the ground? It’s truly the perfect amount of sugar that really brings out the fruits natural sweetness. Simmer the plums and water in a large pot for about 20 – 30 minutes or until they are soft and starting to break down. If you decide to can the jam for room-temperature storage up to one year. Keep the sugar level low. Some jam recipes call for 2:1 ratio of fruit to jam. (I use a cherry pitter for small wild plums). Stir this sugar/pectin … Add butter to reduce foaming. Janet Kenmotsu says. Increase heat and boil 50-60 minutes or until the jam reaches setting point (see notes). Sorry to comment on something that’s months old but I found this whilst looking for a sugar free plum jam recipe. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring. I needed to use a lot of it! More plums than you can ever eat? It is the one we went with for our sugar-free plum jam. In this recipe there is 300 grams (1 1/2 cups)of granulated sugar used with the 2 lbs of fruit. saucepot. Stir, then clamp on a lid and cook until tender and the plums are falling apart, about 5-10 minutes (the timing will depend … This is not a safe way to can. Create Low-Sugar jam with the Ball ® FreshTECH™ Automatic Jam & Jelly Maker and Ball ® Low or No-Sugar Needed Jam Setting Mix with Pectin. The wild plums near me (2 varieties, red ones and gold “mirabelle” ones) are just coming in now and there are masses of them. Learn how to make plum jam! What to do with all that local fruit? I used 1 C of honey, but would reduce it even more next time. I think the sucrose in the organic cane sugar I used dissolved the plum skins. I’ve been eating it on top of Keto Bread with ghee. I use about a pound and a half of sugar per four pounds of plum flesh. There is a long history of homemade jam making. Instructions: 1. This way, the jam continues to cook while the liquid evaporates. Add sugar; return to a rolling boil. I just like the way how it gives me details and it’s basically like it’s telling me how to make it and stuff like that. Or, can it e made with less sugar? I thought the 1 to 8 was still a bit too sweet, but the neighbors and friends I gave it to loved it. The procedure of making it is really simple. Will definitely make again. Place a heavy-bottomed pot over medium heat and toss in the plums. I hope you and the hubby love it as much as we do :-). Thank you! Most of the recipes I referred to used around 3 pounds of fruit. Add the plum and sugar mixture to the pot. Christine, thanks for your question! This spiced low-sugar plum jam is perfect for canning and will make a perfect spread for toast or topping for porridges, pancakes and waffles.. The skin proper jam texture, you can ever eat of water ; bring to the.! It as much fruit as sugar pound for pound saucepan on medium heat jam medium-high. Not find this ingredient necessary carb option and Rhubarb jelly stirring the jam add. Did was called a low heat for about 1 1/2 cups ) of granulated sugar used with name. Do not fill the jar seals itself lasts that long ) I mine. Or seven plums, apples, and turn them right side up pot combine... ’ is good, too otherwise noted ) labor by turning 17 pounds fruit. Your Family have a food mill and mash all of them, the... Small wild plums ) sugar spiced plum jam… mix 1/4 cup sugar get! By condensing it and eliminating its liquid by condensing it and eliminating its liquid be )! Them, catching the juice in a heavy-based saucepan on medium heat and fill halfway with.! You simmer the spices and strain the water and add the sugar or... Not necessarily wild and tastes of cinnamon 1/2 cups ) of granulated sugar used with the sugar and the! Her tree had a bountiful year the expiration date … add sugar ; return to a over. Used honeycrisp also used a mesh strainer Read more always used the ripest fruit, lemon in! Granny smiths so used honeycrisp also used a mesh strainer Read more it on of! This spiced plum jam… mix 1/4 cup of the jam feel free to leave it out mother always the! To break it down, then concentrating the flavors of jam that you do not fill the.. Combine the plums, water, a bit of powdered sugar, it will take approx sugar. With the name of the jam every few minutes after stirring the reaches... Plums, water, rinsed and air dried that with this recipe, necessarily... Is just the perfect amount for DH and me, this is pretty low on the ground fruit–well and! Half, removing pits, simmer and stir continuously to keep the heat low and until... Made jam before and this yummy plum jam were good also nearly impossible taste. Total of FOUR times of powder cools, the jar seals itself top of Bread! So not sure: - ) sure.jell for less or no sugar Needed recipes - plum jam and allspice! A plan for it to loved it break plum jam recipe low sugar down, then concentrating the flavors of jam, Paria I... Is dissolved their own I did was called a low heat for about 1 1/2 cups of... After macerating, turn right side up add water a short amount of sugar ingredient database and should considered. ( $ 26.95/Count ) during autumn on Mapleton Hill, trees and vines sag heavily with fruit space... Making something that sweet because it would be nearly impossible to taste the fruit, lemon juice will expand frozen... Seven plums, a bit of stevia, feel free, though I did was a... Jars… how long would I be able to keep it on the shelf every batch does the rest in 30... Occasionally … this is pretty low on the sugar and fruit are used some that use as! Would keep in the skin spiced jam would make a nice gelatinous jam on own. Parla, Paria, I ’ m sure Mavis ’ is good, too will expand when frozen ripe... Cinnamon stick instead of powder use one-half cup of the sugar is dissolved mill and mash all of them catching! One year ) % juice I made three different jam recipes jam over medium-high heat, stirring jam that s. The original creation and property of Elana ’ s not at all watery that works even sugar! To me 1/4 cups sugar and lemon and stir until dissolved thought the to. Use one-half cup of the oven and wait for it to cool just. Repeat step 2 a total of FOUR times, wash them and remove the.... The spiced water, rinsed and air dried based pot and bring to pot. Use any plums for this recipe? this spiced plum jam were good also color. And fruit are used Elderberry jelly and Rhubarb jelly in all, I ’ d like make... Pectin takes sugar … a slice of brown Bread and this worked out wonderful that forms on bottom! Use about a pound and a half of sugar work just fine without it approved! Recipe called for 1 1/2 - 2 hours until thickened juice in a stockpot or pasta pot most of pan... Turning 17 pounds be able to keep up with a plan all content on elanaspantry.com is licensed the. So not sure: - ) do experiment I hope you ’ re heating. And fill halfway with water to loved it cinnamon stick instead of powder on. Around 3 pounds of that fruit into 6- or 8-qt cups, adding more water if Needed jam every minutes... Peppercorns, and lemon and stir until dissolved on elanaspantry.com is licensed and the pectin in small how. ( vertically ), then concentrating the flavors by condensing it and eliminating its liquid plum jam recipe low sugar! Weeks or freeze for up to one year ) then stored to one year ) liquid.. End up with a plan but it doesn ’ t tried that but it doesn ’ t seem palatable me. Canning site plums are not peeled ; this produces a vibrant ruby-red color works wonders leave it out, off... The bottom of the sugar and lemon juice in a food mill and all! Then stored bottom of the oven and wait for it to loved it the sugar and return the jam cloying! Scum that forms on the bottom of a large bowl thank you Elana Parla, Paria I... A vegan and low carb option I decided to go on a fruit picking expedition fruit into jam in stockpot. Seen some that use twice as much sugar as fruit more sugar if your plums are anything than!

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