It’s almost certain that some viewers won’t quite make the leap that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend asks them to make here, but it’s just as certain that many—this writer included—will make it with ease.That’s a remarkable achievement. Greg Serrano is a native of West Covina who used to be a bartender at Home Base.He hated his job and for years yearned to leave but was unable to since he had to take care of his ailing father.He is best friends with Josh Chan whom he has known since kindergarten. Skylar Astin, who has previously been seen in Pitch Perfect, 21 & Over and Halt And Catch Fire, has Santino Fontana’s approval for taking … > In the episode titled "When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?" Greg Serrano (Santino Fontana) had to say goodbye to Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) to pursue his dreams in the previous episode of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" season 2. “Greg is gone for good,” she said, clarifying that the character’s departure for business school in Georgia was in fact a one-way trip. A promotional still for "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" The CW. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is sadly coming to an end this year after its fourth and final season airs on the The CW.. As played by series co-creator Rachel Bloom, heroine Rebecca Bunch was a … Greg Serrano is returning for the fourth and final season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but Santino Fontana is not reprising the role. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Santino Fontana on Leaving the Show, Greg’s Farewell, and the Show’s Moral Relativism By Devon Ivie Spoilers ahead for Friday night’s episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has never been shy about acknowledging the fact that it’s a TV show. Greg finally told Rebecca that he loves her. They are part of a close knit crew that grew up together which includes Valencia, Josh Wilson and Hector. In the season and change in which Santino Fontana was on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, he was a key part of some of the show’s best moments. Four years ago, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend sang and danced its way to West Covina and into our hearts. The role of Greg Serrano is returning for the fourth and final season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, with Skylar Astin, of Pitch Perfect fame, taking-over the character first played by Santino Fontana. Some fans might be put off by the final episode of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," but showrunner and co-creator Aline Brosh-McKenna explains why they did it. Why Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Latest ... as Greg has been, they may be ... and what we thought was interesting was to take the guy who you might think was the most stuck and to have him change … In his stead, the part has been recast, with Skylar Astin stepping into Serrano’s shoes.

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