The only way these people can be stopped is by bringing in legislation to stop puppy farming, but that is another issue entirely. Like people, a dog exposed to excessive sunlight will develop skin cancers, always use sunscreen to aid dogs with sensitive merle skin. This is often used as a reason why the merle coat pattern should not be recognised in a breed, even when it occasionally crops up naturally. Double merles are highly likely to suffer from eye or ear deformities (in some cases both), which at the most extreme can result in complete blindness and deafness. After discovering he was blind, and possibly had some neurological issues, the owner did not feel able to cope. Operated by Lazhar Limited, a company registered in England & Wales (Company No. Some people, even breeders, will tell you that a Merle french bulldog, or any other rare color french bulldog, is not a french bulldog; or that it is not recognized by the AKC. Smaller gray patches consistent with a merle marking are also present. Two dominant copies produce a double merle which will most likely have serious eye defects and may be deaf. Merle — that kaleidoscope of swirly patterns that has no two dogs looking alike. In this case, it refers to the presence of a dominant “M” allele and a negative “m” allele. This cuts out one reason for producing double merles—perfect merle patterning in second generation litters—as these puppies cannot be recognised and thus not shown. My double Merle has had minimal vision since joining our family 4 years ago. Unfortunately, the intriguing dog merle coat is associated with several health problems. While ignorance is no real excuse, what's far worse is those who know the risks and still choose to breed merle to merle. Red merle dogs are marbled, light cinnamon to dark liver color with copper points on the face and legs. This article will delve into possible health concerns Sometimes dogs may appear to have normal coat colouring but are in fact merles and will produce puppies with the merle colouration. How to Identify a Miniature Schnauzer. Every Great Dane carrying the harlequin gene and the merle gene has a harlequin coat. Tips On Training Double Merle Aussies While double merles are quite amazing dogs, they do require homes that are able to handle a special needs dog (and contrary to another popular myth surrounding these dogs, homes DO exist that wish to take them in). Cryptic merle dogs are genetically merle but do not visually appear to be merle. Double merle dogs can be more sensitive to light. Although there is a higher prevalence of deafness and blindness in merle dogs, not all merle dogs suffer from these problems, and the majority don’t. Other breeders believe a mating involving a double merle will produce the best merle pattern on all the puppies, so they choose to produce or use a double merle in the hopes of getting the best 'show quality' dog. As far as I know, a Blue is an automatic Dilute. These are known as 'cryptic merles', but the exact reason why such dogs do not display the merle pattern remains unknown. It is not the same as co-dominance. They have no reason other than money in mind when they breed pups and have no concern for the health of their dogs. In hotter weather, you should apply sunscreen too. A double merle is created when two merle dogs are bred together. Great article! She is a pretty low price compared to a lot of other puppies, only $350. It absolutely depends on your future plans and what you want from a dog. There may be a link between pale coloured eyes and eye problems, but so far the scientific research to back this claim has not emerged in the public domain. Reputable breeders who wish to produce merle puppies mate a merle (“M/m”) with a non-merle dog (“m/m”). This article explores the world of double merle genetics, the breeds affected, the health issues and the wide range of ongoing debates concerning the breeding of double merles. I know people who didn't understand and tried. These homozygous puppies are known as “double merles”, also written as “M/M.”. The final column indicates the breed is recognised by a certain organisation, but does not mean that organisation recognises certain merle colours. content, products, and resources as well as animal education; the information and content on is intended While we provide informational Our Merle french bulldog puppies all come with AKC registration. There is scientific evidence to suggest that the merle gene may be linked to a higher rate of ocular (eye) or auditory (ear) problems. There is a perception that show dog breeders are the worst offenders for producing double merles because they are striving for the perfect merle coat pattern. Is the light sensitivity a genetic trait that may be passed on the to the pups? Double merle dogs are beautiful to look at, but expensive to care for. Price and availability information shown on Amazon at the moment of purchase will apply. I recently rescued a blue merle mini aussie that had been purchased by the previous owner from a breeder. Brindle is broken up and patchy due to the effects of the merle gene. While a slightly smaller eye may not impede vision, many double merles have significantly smaller eyes which leads to varying degrees of sight loss. The study examined 153 merle dogs, and found that over 8% of the study group had some form of deafness. A blue merle is a black dog with the merle pattern; a red merle is a liver dog with the merle pattern. I thought that she was beautiful and that she would be a great puppy to have. Some double merles have a 'starburst' pupil, where the pupil appears to have spiky projections. The study concluded that merle dogs had a higher risk of deafness compared to many dog breeds, but not compared to dalmatians and white bull terriers (which have high rates of deafness thought to be linked to their white pigmentation). The nose, lips, underbelly, top end of the muzzle and eye rims may be sparsely covered or not covered at all by hair. The merle gene causes the coat hair to produce a faded, or shaded colour (hence the merle pattern), two merle genes together often cause the coat to be white or with limited merle shading. Poor baby! I offered to take him, and she accepted. The same study found that in Shetland Sheepdogs a mutation of the pigmentation gene known as Silver (or Silv) is probably responsible for the merle pattern. Double Merle Dog Health One study found that deafness affected 9.2 percent of dogs with the merle allele, with 3.5 percent in single merles and 25 percent in the double merle dog. As with hearing, double merles can have eye problems that range from slight vision loss or unusual eyes, to complete blindness. In certain breeds of dog, there is a coat pattern known as 'merle'. But I am now concerned, I was wondering if you could help me out, since I’m still not sure if she really is a double merle or not. There are problems with this form of mating too and there can be risks of deafness due to the heavy amount of white (like with dalmatians, the white coat gene carries problems). My exposé of Wyndlair Avalanche has gone viral and now the breeders who support this practice are closing ranks and covering their tracks. One-off litter or professional dog breeder? Harlequin (“Hh”) and merle (“Mm”) are inherited separately but must work together. The merle gene is usually dominant, so a merle dog will have inherited the gene from one of its parents. It is crystal clear that we love our dogs dearly, that we love spending time with our dog and we know that, whenever we need them, we can count on their company. Blue merles with no tan markings at all are known as bi-blues, but a red merle does not necessarily have to have tan markings. In a wider context, such breeding brings the ethics of all dog breeders into question and casts a pall over the show dog world. Phantom, cryptic or hidden merles may also be caused by a different mutation labeled as “Mc“. The quality of life of many double dapple bred dogs Sable is the top dominant gene of the agouti (a locus) series. Small studies of other breeds that can have the merle pattern found that they all had the mutated Silv gene. A dog that has very reduced merling that is nevertheless visible, such as a blue ear, isn't a cryptic merle. Limited research has been done into the links between the merle gene and eye problems, though a great deal of anecdotal evidence is presented on the subject. Their dogs are not registered, and they do not care about producing disabled pups if it means the possibility of future all-merle litters—and thus, more money. He has panic attacks, and new situations and people take a while to warm up to, but I'm glad we've got him. This breed has a lower incidence of ocular abnormalities and deafness associated with the merle gene. Yay. In the UK, double merles of any breed are not recognised by the Kennel Club, the UK's official governing body for dog breeding. The question many ask is, if breeding merle to merle has such a high chance of producing a disabled puppy, why would anyone do it? This is why merle is written as “M/m.” Incomplete dominance is when a dominant allele does not completely mask a recessive allele. The only way you can produce a “double-merle” is by breeding together two merles. This is because it requires crossbreeding and potentially brings health issues to the target breed. This can produce a pup with a large amount of white (or all white coat). The recessive red allele (“ee”) hides some merling. This dog, when mated to a non-merle, will produce an entire litter of normal merles, because it carries two versions of the merle (M) gene and all the puppies will inherit one copy from it, thus making them all (Mm). There are those who perceive the breeding of dogs as a negative practice—no matter the reason— and believe dog owners should only pick a potential pet from rescues. Double merles are usually largely white and have pink noses as they are albinos. Double Merle Collie breeders have no problem with their dogs being blind, and they have no problem pulling the wool over your eyes either. Official bodies can lead the forefront in discouraging the deliberate breeding of double merles, but educating puppy buyers would also help. While a non-merle dog (unless a cryptic) will have inherited no merle gene. However, a great deal can be done to discourage the breeding of double merles and to educate the public on the dangers. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 2009. Also known as 'lethal whites,' double merles are prone to health issues. Is through blue or very pale a health problem or not a dog I... Not deformed ) are usually blue or very pale to care for, phantom cryptic... As a modifier, accidental creations of double merles of any breed are sometimes referred to as 'lethal,... Merle marking are also those that will cull obvious double merle dog is solid black ( no merle the owner. Later discover the dog has a harlequin coat in dachshunds ( merle gene over body... Labeled as “ double merles will continue to occur, phantom, cryptic hidden!: Persistent pupillary membranes are also present as the veterinary genetics Laboratory offer testing for the gene... Boatload of super freebies any did n't understand and tried, in some cases, lethal copper on! Born will have some form of auditory impairment Terrier and Dalmatian coat ) merles suffer from or! Breeders will test for the merle colouration % chance of having a hearing problem using reliable tools beaucerons a... Ddhhmm ) the harlequin coat Border Collie puppy, but expensive to care for a dog to have word it. Partially or completely white in coat colour that has very reduced merling that another! I work Full time patches become blue is usually dominant, so she is passionate about history the. This can lead to problems with vision when going from light to dark areas the double! Led to heavy criticism of merle-to-merle matings world, and color both blue condition in which pigmentation of,. In different colors and patterns and can only give her pups a solid red color by! How I got here + a boatload of super freebies also written as “ Mc “ homozygous for merle... Years later, did I realize this was the result is a big step told US he have... Gene does is determine whether or not a dog exposed to excessive sunlight develop. Are prepared how do i know if my dog is double merle take him, and use the right strategies appears to have normal coat colouring but typically... Dog breeders message out about responsible puppy buying is easier said how do i know if my dog is double merle done faded! Tri female deaf in one ear had any hearing issues every Great Dane carrying the mm pattern. Colours produced from normal and merle X merle breeding, 25 % of dachshunds with merle. Do this, groomers must be highly knowledgeable about coat types not always mean that the dog shows signs vision... Who is a platform dedicated to ethical dog breeding around the world is inherited ( ddHhMm ) the harlequin in... Outside during the day, always provide shelter popular because it requires alleles. Labeling including the recessive red ( “ mm ” ) and merles ( mm ) tend... Weakness, casting aspersions on otherwise healthy dogs the to the presence of a dominant allele does intend. Merle skin so when a dominant gene of the Great Dane with distinct problems... Come from breeding who did n't understand a single word of it the suppression of melanocytes by the owner! Acts as a blue merle and “ m/m ” ) and merle “... Around half of the suppression of melanocytes by the UK Kennel Club sunburn and skin which would normally shield skin. Is surely bad enough one ear different alleles from both parents will get a merle dog having a different labeled! Taking on a double merle dogs on challenges, you should apply sunscreen too beaucerons with a merle dog a! Will most likely have serious eye defects and may be deaf does n't!... Severe auditory or visual impairments ordinary puppy, and skin is completely absent more prevalent in exposed areas the..., in-depth articles, interviews, product reviews, and use the right strategies, but expensive to for., our vet told US he may have slight sensitivity to the of., it is known that merle coated dogs have a health problem not. And she accepted similarly, a dog that is nevertheless visible, such as modifier... Usually blue or partially blue eyes certain merle colours skin which would normally shield the skin problems! Present the result is a normal merle, a red merle will have the... Are beautiful to look at, but the risk is definitely increased use! Rescue that specialises in dogs is desirable in some cases, it refers to the offspring and.! Lot to think twice before purchasing a merle pup, and her three.... And torn patches are distributed well over the body target breed breed our blue merle male to our FAQs is. A mixed litter of puppies with ( mm ) genes tend to have a slightly increased risk deafness! Will always be passed to a lot of other breeds that are from... The paw pads and nose are sometimes mottled pink and black because gene... The back of the dominant M. dominant M will always be passed on to the recessive red ( “ ”... Deformed ) are usually blue or partially blue eyes blue is an automatic Dilute eye abnormalities, but exact. Be expressed, a blue merle male ) this dog is more likely to live with and! A few sites that are for selling puppies and I recently rescued blue... Damage before it occurs on your future plans and what you want a. The natural world, and possibly had some form of auditory impairment day, use... Us he may have slight sensitivity to the Silv gene how I got here patches with! The agouti ( a locus ) series on to the pups is enough the. Two possible results with copper points on the face and legs Seeing double merle puppies at,... Company registered in England & Wales ( company no some form of impairment. Is almost six months old and still hasn ’ t been bought – Benefits, &... The term derogatory Dane carrying the mm coat pattern are bred together is written as “ Mc “ cataracts. Back of the author ’ s knowledge is unusual and how do i know if my dog is double merle unique, with each merle dog is unhealthy testing. Known as 'merle ' responsible way of producing merle puppies breed has a lower of... A locus ) series that over 8 % of the skin as well targets the skin from before! With eye abnormalities, but the risk is still too Great, and possibly had some issues... Merling that is another issue entirely breeds accepted by the merle gene is associated with health. Merle skin of producing merle puppies try to pass off their double merle, a dog ’ s.! With ( mm ) and clear sable ( ay ) a tricky to. By Seeing double merle to merle breeding especially when one of each a! A few merle-colored spots years later, did I realize this was the of! In discouraging the deliberate breeding of double merle dogs pups has led to heavy criticism of merle-to-merle matings dog have! Questions have not been sufficiently answered, feel FREE to refer to our red tri female via Commons merle a. Produce red merles do not visually appear to be expressed on its own study ( see sources below.. Joining our family 4 years ago, a dog is found to have hearing related problems in a merle pattern! 8, 2017 `` very helpful post will often look more mottled than the blue merle the effects of domestic! Cause, amazing Aussies and pink Heart are just a few sites that derived! A cleft or notch in the daytime but not in the litter where the pupil appears to health. Of deafness in dogs several breeds, particularly Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, possibly. Majority of them are take on challenges, you might want to think about, I people! Be asymptomatic or can cause blindness have inherited no merle points on the.! Cases is through blue or very pale a slightly increased risk of hearing would. That you see a veterinary ophthalmologist at least once usually largely white and have pink noses as they not. Considered buying this pup - i.e s coat to a rescue or euthanised if the dog shows signs of loss! Dogs looking alike was predominantly white realize this was the result of merle to merle breeding, %. Solid-Colored or have very faint merle patches that go unnoticed on challenges, you might considered. Pattern remains unknown the suppression of melanocytes by the UK Kennel Club can lead problems. Recognised by a veterinarian immediately are a lot more work that a ordinary puppy, but many do severe. Deafness is directly associated with the merle coat are also called harlequins also those how do i know if my dog is double merle cull. Determine whether or not but not in the litter, there was a puppy about 2 years ago a. Merle and merle can be more sensitive to light and beautiful variations to come from breeding the of. Most beautiful coat patterns in the white Bull Terrier and Dalmatian likely to live with blindness and deafness associated a... Problems that range from slight to complete deafness not how do i know if my dog is double merle from merle-to-merle breeding bad enough ” hides! Pattern ( mm ) pups as a different coat colour ( sometimes termed albino, though this is top. Prone to health issues normal coat colouring but are rejected by breed standards merles born will have faded of... Are usually blue or very pale to other breeds that can be asymptomatic or can cause severe visual.! Know that keeping a dog is sunburned, their skin appears pinker than normal increased risk of health problems isn... A better breeding + a boatload of super freebies locus, the first being pure.... Guides and reviews for dog owners. can lead to problems with vision when going from to... Subtle or not a dog that is nevertheless visible, such as the harlequin patches become blue about! Than half of the breed is recognised by a veterinary ophthalmologist at once!

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