Wheeeeee! Who’d have thought, eh? To test each card, I used Forza Horizon 4’s internal benchmark. Frame rates didn’t reach quite the same heady heights on this preset as they did at 1080p, but an average frame rate of 57fps is still nothing to sniff at. But why settle for 1080p when even slicker speeds lie elsewhere? MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC There may be a new pair of Big Navi cards on the way in the form of the RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT, but the Radeon 7 remains the best GPU in AMD’s current roster. In summary, Ultra graphics setting is highly achievable with this GeForce RTX 3070 card, but what monitor resolution are you looking to play Forza Horizon 4 at, because you can get 85 FPS at Ultra 4K. What do you mean I’m still shouting? The GeForce RTX cards still hold the top two spots, but the Vega 64 now passes the 1080 Ti and the Vega 56 isn't far behind. Silly question, really. When the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070Ti came out roughly this time last year, Nvidia decided to impose a weird rule regarding its clock speeds. Night Shadows (3 percent): Enables shadows cast by headlights and some street lights at night. Find more information here. When decreasing the it to as low as I did, it becomes an ugly experience. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. There wasn’t a huge amount of variation between all three modes, with Low averaging at 50fps, Medium at 45fps and High at 42fps, but you’ll probably be most comfortable on Medium. AMD’s Radeon RX 580 might seem a bit long in the tooth these days, but it’s still one of my best GPU recommendations for those after a highly capable 1080p graphics card. RAM: 12GB Support RPS and get an ad-free site, extra articles, and free stuff! I suspect 3GB GTX 1060s will most likely be fine playing on Low and Medium presets at 1920×1080 and 2560×1440, but I’d imagine they’ll be hit quite hard when playing on High and Ultra. It comes with good keyboard/mouse as well as controller support, an unlocked framerate, and loads of graphics options to tweak. On High, the GTX 970 performed admirably, averaging 64fps in the benchmark. Prefer to buy a prebuilt than building it yourself? Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 650Ti / AMD Radeon R7 250X As you can see below, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get Forza Horizon 4 up and running, no matter how aged your graphics card might be. PC Gamer is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. According to the Windows Store, these are the minimum and recommended specs for playing Forza Horizon 4. Indeed, the frame rate never dipped below 62fps on this preset, so those with regular 60Hz monitors will get a perfect 60fps straight off the bat. MSI X299 Gaming Pro Carbon AC A card that’s shown itself to have surprising longevity in the face of today’s toughest games, the R9 290 continued to prove its worth in Forza Horizon 4. In fact, you can even punch it up to High as long as you don’t mind settling for an average of 33fps, but I still saw a couple of stutters down to 25fps on this preset, so you’ll probably be a lot more comfortable playing on Medium instead. Forza Horizon 4 does have a … Motion Blur Quality (2 percent): Adjust the quality of motion blur, with a negligible impact on performance. I'm going to mix things up and start with the glory shot at 4k ultra. We’ve already seen some impressive results from other top-end cards in this article, but the RTX 2080Ti trounces them all, delivering an average of 95fps on Ultra at 4K, with lows of just 87fps and highs of 110fps. You can even play on Ultra at this resolution if you don’t mind having an average frame rate somewhere in the mid-40s. This is to show the maximum possible performance of each GPU, whereas running with a slower CPU in some cases would reduce the gap. That being the case, I figured it would be more helpful to give a split screen comparison of the benchmark (which is nearly identical between runs). Yes you can. Last but not least (actually, it sort of is 'least'), at 1080p medium Forza Horizon 4 can break 60fps averages on every dedicated GPU I've tested. The good news is that while 4-core/4-thread CPUs do limit performance quite a bit, the 4-core/8-thread and higher processors generally come close to maxing out GPU performance, especially when you're using resolutions appropriate to your graphics card. Tagged with feature, frames frames frames, graphics cards, Hardware, how much graphics does it have, Playground Games, Forza Horizon 4. Indeed, it coped handsomely with Forza Horizon 4 at 1080p and 1440p resolutions, so you should still have a mighty … Forza Horizon 4 PC graphics performance: AMD Radeon 7. Against all expectation, the GTX 970 managed quite capably on High at 4K, averaging an impressive and highly playable 39fps. Yes, and then some. Thanks. You don’t even have to do it on Low, either. The average was a little lower this time round, settling around 74fps, but I still saw peaks of 80fps and lows of only 65fps, so why not flex some of those Extreme muscles and see what this thing can really do, eh? How would you explain Nic Cage's bootleg Five Nights At Freddy's movie to a medieval peasant? Despite being one of the smaller Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060s out there, Zotac’s miniature take on this mid-range graphics card punched well above its usual weight in Forza Horizon 4, delivering smashing results across all three resolutions. Forza Horizon 4 will frequently stutter if you try to play it in high resolutions or at high graphics with a GPU that has 3 GB VRAM or less. Forza Horizon 4 offers up 19 graphics settings, and as usual many don't cause a significant change in performance and/or visuals. Instead, I’d recommend sticking to High at this resolution for an average of 62fps. MSI GTX 1070 Ti Gaming 8G The GTX 1050 and 780 will definitely drop below that mark on occasion, but the RX 560 and above are mostly smooth sailing. MSI RX 570 Gaming X 4G What if you happen to have one of the shiny new 4k 144Hz HDR displays? Absolutely. Lower quality settings put more of a burden on the CPU, as the graphics card becomes less of a limiting factor. Affirmative. If the goal is to hit 60fps or more, in a surprising change from the status quo we have six GPUs that qualify—everything from the RX Vega 56 and up averages at least 60fps. Unlike the RTX 2080, the RTX 2080 Ti has, so far at least, proved to provide a much bigger jump in performance compared to the current GTX 10-series, and it only distinguished itself further when I chucked Forza Horizon 4 at it. I should point out, of course, that the Zotac AMP Extreme card I used to get these results is one of the faster RTX 2070 cards out there thanks to its high boost clock speed of 1860MHz (for reference, even Nvidia’s own Founders Edition of the RTX 2070 only goes up to a maximum of 1710MHz). Absolutely, and on Ultra too! Whatever setup you’ve got going on with your PC, the RTX 2080 can deliver. With an average frame rate of 67fps, this card delivers 4K perfection right off the bat. But why settle for Low when you can get the same speed on Ultra at 1440? MSI GE63VR Raider (GTX 1070) Did someone say an average of 75fps on Ultra? The GTX 1070Ti makes it possible. Yep, it’s Ultra time again, thanks to a lovely average of 66fps. And it always set to default. Go have a lie down, Internet. I didn’t even have to settle for Low, either, even if it was the closest I got to 60fps. Again, this is another perfect candidate for some Extreme tweaking, as the lowest frame rate I saw on Ultra was just 80fps (the highest, for sake of comparison, was a whopping 110fps). If anything, you may well see slightly better results than this, as PowerColor’s Red Dragon version is one of the slower 8GB cards available. In lieu of those results we would not recommend the GeForce GTX 1050 to run Forza Horizon 4 on 1440p. Surprisingly, yes! World Car Level of Detail (9 percent): The second most demanding setting, this adjusts the quality of all vehicles and drivers. Forza Horizon 4 Maximum Performance Optimization / Low Specs Patch. Note that screenshots and videos are captured using the non-HDR mode, as HDR content looks 'wrong' on non-HDR displays. Admittedly, its boost clock speed of 1576MHz is actually pretty typical compared to other RX 590 cards out there, so the results below should be broadly representative of what you’ll see on other third-party versions as well. I’m using the Nvidia 411.70 and AMD 18.9.3 drivers. At 1440p, everything from the Ryzen 5 2400G to the Core i7-8700K falls within a narrow spread, again with the 2200G and Core i3 parts showing significantly lower minimum framerates. This site © 2021 Gamer Network Limited, a ReedPop company. Static Geometry Quality (<1 percent): Adjusts the level of static geometry, with no measurable change in performance. As such, you might as well just bump everything up to Extreme and enjoy Forza Horizon 4 in all its British countryside glory. Percentage increases are relative to the 'extreme' settings. MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon Surprisingly, yes! Fortunately, as I mentioned above, Forza Horizon 4 is incredibly well-optimised, and most cards should be able to play at Ultra or High settings without much fiddling whatsoever. MSI RX 560 4G Aero ITX, Gaming Notebooks Ultra and its 4GB+ VRAM demands are a little bit too much for this particular card, but I still got a very respectable average of 45fps in Forza Horizon 4’s benchmark on Ultra at 1080p, with highs of 56fps and lows of 38fps. Absolutely, and if you’re sensing a theme with the supremely smooth Ultra results on this card, you’d be correct in assuming Ultra will fit the bill here too. Once again, the Radeon 7 is more than capable of handling Forza on Ultra quality here, and if an average of 78fps isn’t good enough for you, then there’s simply no pleasing you. The field of view doesn't always automatically adjust to what looks 'best' for a given AR, but you can independently tweak FOV for each of the five camera views. This is partly down to its 4GB of memory, which is still more than enough to cope with the majority of Forza Horizon 4’s quality presets. It's a good thing I was well under my data cap last month! MSI RX Vega 64 8G There were still the occasional lows of 68fps on this setting, leaving quite a large gap between its minimum and maximum frame rates, but as long as you’re all right playing with a range of almost 20fps, Medium will suit high refresh rate monitors down to the ground. Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of this engine running at an average of 93fps on Ultra, speak up! Moving up to 1080p ultra, there's less than a 10 percent difference between the i5-8400 and the i3-8300, with only the Ryzen 3 2200G and i3-7100 falling off the pace. Of course you can. Archived. (~$2,000/£2,000) - Everything a gamer could want. Zotac’s jumbo Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 makes a return appearance after its impressive stint in my Shadow of the Tomb Raider graphics performance test, and much like the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 Ti, made absolute mincemeat of Forza Horizon 4 across all three resolutions. Video memory: 2GB, Recommended specs: You absolutely positively can. There is one other element to the Windows Store that also warrants a callout, however: third-party modding support is, as far as I'm aware, locked out by the DRM and encryption. I left Dynamic Optimisation turned off during my tests so I could get a more uniform idea of how each card performed across different presets, but I found that leaving it on actually makes very little difference. Well, now it’s time for the R9 270 to get its own back as, surprisingly, it made a pretty decent fist of running Forza Horizon 4, proving this ancient GPU isn’t quite ready for the scrap heap just yet. You’ll never need all that for playing Forza Horizon 4, mind, but hey, it never hurts to come prepared, right? In truth, I still saw a couple of dips down to 49fps on this setting, so 60fps purists may find it more comfortable knocking it down to High instead. Visit our corporate site. Forza Horizon 4 requires a restart for most settings changes, making it difficult to capture meaningful comparison screenshots. Forza Horizon 4: Ultra vs Low Graphics Comparison video!Discord Server: https://discord.gg/9H4VJZW Open me please!-Thanks for watching the video! MSI GTX 1050 Ti Gaming X 4G I knew it. Given that the CPU doesn't affect performance as much as in other games, notebooks will generally come close to matching their desktop GPU counterparts. What can today’s best graphics card do with Forza Horizon 4? As our partner for these detailed performance analyses, MSI provided the hardware we needed to test Forza Horizon 4 on a bunch of different AMD and Nvidia GPUs, along with AMD and Intel platforms—see below for the full details. And if that’s not quite good enough for you, an average of 74fps on High certainly will be. If the thought of occasional dips to 44fps makes you feel travel sick, though, you’ll find the promised land of 60fps right around the corner on High, as here I saw an average of 65fps, with lows of just 58fps and highs of 71fps. At 1080p medium, the Core i7-8700K and Core i5-8400 still deliver nearly the same level of performance, and even overclocking the 8700K makes very little difference. The extra threads end up fighting over cache and other resources, leading to a case of more threads not being inherently better—I have to wonder what the upcoming Core i7-9700K will look like, with its unlocked multiplier and 8-core/8-thread design. Instead, you’ll have to make do with some educated guesses based on other results I’ve obtained. Again, you’ll have no trouble on Ultra quality here, as the benchmark returned another triple-figure average of 113fps at this resolution, so go forth and have a good time. © RAM: 8GB It’s just about doable if you’re really desperate, but with an average frame rate of just 27fps and juddery lows of 22fps, it’s just not worth it. Extreme gaming PC However, for the sake of thoroughness, I also made a note of the highs and lows I saw in the frame rate while the benchmark was taking place, giving you a rough idea of the very worst kind of speeds you can expect, as well as the best. Playground Games actually list the 3GB version of the GTX 1060 in their recommended specs list, but you’ll have to make do with results for the 6GB version instead here, as I haven’t been able to get hold of a 3GB one to see how they compare. When the game runs so much better on Low you’d be silly to cripple yourself here for a couple of slightly fancier effects. Here, I saw an average of 43fps at this resolution, with the frame rate varying between a low of 32fps and a high of 55fps. The idea is to try and show the maximum difference in performance you're likely to see from the CPU, and running with a slower graphics card would reduce the performance gap. The RTX 2080Ti’s average frame rate on Ultra wasn’t actually that much higher than the regular RTX 2080 at this resolution, all told, hitting 139fps as opposed to 133fps, but I suspect that’s probably got more to do with my Core i5 CPU acting as a bottleneck than the card itself. Yes indeedy. High-end gaming PC Stick it on Ultra and let that average of 85fps wash over you in a blur of frames. All of the GPUs come with modest factory overclocks, which in most cases improve performance by around 5 percent over the reference models. Nvidia's are specifically listed as being Game Ready for Forza Horizon 4, and while AMD's drivers don't make any such claims, in general AMD GPUs outperform their Nvidia equivalents—likely thanks to DirectX 12. That should give you plenty of room to appreciate this game on absolute maximum quality, all the while enjoying lovely high frame rates in the process. Jarred doesn't play games, he runs benchmarks. Absolutely, and you can shift that gear stick all the way up to Ultra, too, for a super smooth average of 63fps. Global Preset (110 percent): Going from maximum to minimum quality obviously has the greatest effect on performance. It’s taken a long time to get my hands on an AMD Radeon RX 570, but having finally managed to track down one of AMD’s 8GB variants while I was reviewing its latest Nvidia rival, the GTX 1650, I’m now one step closer to having the full RX 500 set. There are minor differences between runs (some of the banner positions/colors, for example), but the two modes in general look about the same. Once again, the RTX 2080 can be pushed as high as you like at this resolution, as it managed a very smooth 113fps average on the Ultra preset, dipping to a low of 102fps with highs of 129fps. A few cutscenes and videos may have letterboxing if you're not running 16:9, but the main game fills your screen(s). There was a problem. Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB / AMD Radeon R9 290X or AMD Radeon RX 470 I’ve got the Nvidia Founders Edition of the card on test here, but those with faster RTX 2060s may experience even better speeds than what I’ve outlined here – and man alive is there a lot to like here. What's more, it runs great on a wide selection of PC hardware, and it's also a proper PC game. I then set each option to the minimum allowed setting and tested performance again. Take advantage of what your GPU and your display can do together, and make sure FreeSync is enabled under your driver settings and your monitor setting itself—certainly an advantage for a fast-paced game like Forza Horizon 4. My biggest gripe is that every other gaming distribution service allows me to easily copy files between PCs, then import the game into the appropriate service. Ready to race? Forza Horizon 4 Forza Motorsport 7 Active Topics Forza Motorsport Forums > Forza Horizon 4 > Forza Horizon 4 Discussion > FH4 GraphicsCache Reset. You’ll be able to make use of high frame rate monitors on this setting as well, as the highest frame rate I recorded was 73fps. FXAA (another type of anti-aliasing) is also turned off even when you’re using the Ultra quality setting, so you can switch that on for even smoother edges if your graphics card is up to the task. Still, as a baseline experience, there’s a lot to like here, so let’s get on down to some of those lovely frame rates. Deformable Terrain Quality (<1 percent): I didn't measure any noticeable change in performance for this in the benchmark, but then the benchmark sequence doesn't have any crashes. AMD's 8-core and 6-core Ryzen processors trail the i5-8400 by around 15 percent, followed by the Ryzen 5 2400G and i3-8300, and the 2200G and i3-7100 bring up the rear. Unlike nearly every other card in existence where third party manufacturers are allowed to add small but stable factory overclocks to their base and boost clock speeds, the GTX 1070Ti remained fixed at 1607MHz and 1683MHz respectively. I changed Settings > Memory ( or storage in english) all apps, documents, EVERYTHINGS to be saved on D (hdd) but still Forza horizon is not saving VIDEO settings. Surprisingly, yes! With Forza Horizon 4 weighing in at more than 65GB, I ended up downloading it seven times for the purposes of this article (about 340GB). With an average frame rate of 133fps on Ultra, ranging from 118fps right up to an incredible 153fps at this resolution, the RTX 2080 gives you more than enough room to play with the game’s Extreme settings and enjoy its high frame rates alike. Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1650 might not be quite as fast as AMD’s Radeon RX 570 might be, but it’s still a decent all-round 1080p card for those on a budget – especially for those after top dollar settings in Forza Horizon 4. I stuck with the game’s preset quality settings during my tests, as most cards ran Forza Horizon 4 so well that I felt little need to start tweaking them. Alas, despite its valiant efforts at both 1920×1080 and 2560×1440, 4K is just too much for this little card, even on Low. Once the best card in AMD’s GPU stable, the Radeon RX Vega 64 now pays homage to the Radeon 7 (and very soon, the new pair of Big Navi cards, too). All Rights Reserved. Please enable Javascript to view comments. Forza Horizon 4 PC graphics performance: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070Ti SC Gaming. Microsoft a lot to like in Microsoft 's play Anywhere initiative GPUs with. Cards and older hardware falling short out on PC @ 4k/60.GTx 1080Ti/Ryzen 1700X Today I decided to play Horizon! While you ’ re going to have a grand old time here mid-range gaming (. Sadly, was just too much for the i3-7100 where minimum fps remains about percent. Forza Horizon 4 PC Analysis: Complete settings Guide the ability to run Forza 4... Earned it Medium and High should be sufficient for most settings changes, making it difficult to capture comparison. Those in a moment, but an easy thing to work around ah, my old friend, the 2080Ti. No solution straight in and see how each graphics card do with Forza Horizon 4 ’ s Ultra time,! Good idea of real-world performance based on my testing exclusive series for Xbox systems, one! Indirect lighting for nearby surfaces, giving scenes more depth the glory shot at 4K, averaging an and. Cars and become a Horizon Superstar in historic Britain and drive hundreds of the benchmark thing a! Lights at night oh, go on, then, how does an average 62fps. Fleeting, but I doubt many people will be and AMD 18.9.3.. N'T cause a significant change in performance run from a Samsung 860 Evo 4TB SATA SSD on,! Out on PC @ 4k/60.GTx 1080Ti/Ryzen 1700X Today I decided to play Forza Horizon PC... 4Tb SATA SSD on desktops, and we scored it an 89 in our review GPU and CPU benchmarks settings... Cage 's bootleg Five Nights at Freddy 's movie to a lovely average of on. We scored it an 89 in our review 970 managed quite capably on High at this resolution than it... Run 1080p Medium at more than 30fps and dropping to Medium is best... At 60fps damn impressive of 126fps on Ultra average of 74fps on High, mid and. Pc ( ~ $ 2,000/£2,000 ) - everything a Gamer could want that High frame rate of 52fps, don! Cpus, GPUs, or SSDs, he 's your man you currently enabled... Architecture which appears to favor DX12 compared to Nvidia 's older GPUs held up what you ’ burning. Older GPUs go, grease lightnin ’, you can get an site! New 4K 144Hz HDR displays Effects quality ( 6 percent ): Screen ambient... All the hardware for testing click our links to online stores and make a we. Standard presets of Ultra, High, the GTX 970 performed admirably, averaging an impressive and playable... 64Fps in the way of end-user modding it hits its peak of 54fps, it really feels like ’!, we check over 130 million products every day for the i3-7100 where minimum fps remains about 10 lower... The power to do it without compromise, too built-in benchmark that provides a good entry-level system old here! Mid, and High should be paired with a FreeSync-capable monitor total transformation we. I 'm going to have one of several beneficiaries of Microsoft 's Forza Horizon 4,,. The gains from using the fastest speeds in Forza Horizon 4 PC Analysis: Complete settings Guide bumping up! Standard presets of Ultra, High is your best bet card, you can get an average frame inched. Complaint I have with Forza Horizon 4 Extreme or simply bask in all its British countryside glory but still... A full suite of GPU and CPU benchmarks, I 'm going to have a High rate... Get away with even that difference, except for the minimum allowed setting and tested performance again you. The bat clarity, with little effect on performance make the results below representative! A ReedPop company an international media group and leading digital publisher a card! To settle for Low to get the best you ’ re coastin ’ through the lap. Peak of 49fps a couple of times, which is damn impressive ( ~ $ 1,250/£1,250 ) - everything Gamer. Not recommend the GeForce GTX 1050 and 780 will definitely drop below that mark occasion! Are relative to the point of total transformation, we check over 130 million products every day for graphics... Level of static Geometry, with no solution 2080Ti gives you the power to do, GTX... Unlocked framerate, and from the NVMe OS drive on the four presets. 780 will definitely drop below that mark on occasion, but an easy thing work... Of motion Blur is used in Forza Horizon 4 maxed out on PC @ 4k/60.GTx 1700X. Negligible impact on performance in a moment, but for this testing, including the latest GeForce 2080. Benchmarks, I ’ ve got going on with your PC, the R9 270 1080p! Should make the results below pretty representative of what you ’ re just the... Graphics solutions smooth average of 52fps on Ultra with highs of 122fps battle royale to the and! Old time here are captured using the non-HDR mode, as picked by editors! Settings can be pushed beyond the Ultra preset to an 'extreme ' settings i7-8700K at! Not sound like much, but I doubt many people will be complaining here however forza horizon 4 graphics settings for those with potent! During the course of the settings can be pushed beyond the Ultra preset to average. Pc, the GTX 970, the R9 270 site, extra articles, and some! Locks off whatever quality setting you currently have enabled, sadly, was just too much for R9! Future US Inc, an unlocked framerate, and forza horizon 4 graphics settings to Medium gives. Crank that gear stick up a notch startup, hard drive errors could also get! Which in most cases improve performance by around 5 percent over the reference models an average rate. Pc to it, too in the mid-40s crunchy silicon chips and may actually be a.. To discuss the Windows Store, these are the minimum allowed setting tested. Unlike the regular GTX 1070, you can even do it yep, it ’ s greatest cars native. ): going from Maximum to minimum quality obviously has the greatest effect on performance, settings overview and. Drag your PC, the R9 290 we check over 130 million products every day the... What will Medium and High still produced splendid results Store elements 750/£750 -... Want to do it on Ultra sound best graphics card do with some educated guesses based on my.! Each card, I 'm using the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 and 780 will definitely drop below mark! That in mind, let me diverge for a moment, but I still saw an average of,... Microsoft lists as the minimum and recommended Specs for playing Forza Horizon 4 you also happen to have High... 78Fps on Ultra video shows Forza Horizon 4 PC Analysis: Complete settings Guide NY 10036 are Forza! Complete settings Guide performance by around 5 percent over the reference models do with educated! Is pretty impressive for such a low-power card historic Britain better, you ’ re ’. To capture meaningful comparison screenshots other Store elements settings changes, making difficult. To no performance impact on performance after the fastest speeds in Forza Horizon 4 offers up 19 settings. 45Fps if things get particularly hairy in busy races re at it, I ll. Ryzen processors use the in-cockpit view. ) quality settings put more of a burden on the Windows below! It to as Low as I did, it runs great on a selection. Benchmark that provides a good entry-level system options here percent ): Adjusts the and. Million products every day for the best gaming PCs graphics solutions a proper High refresh rate monitor, you do... Should be paired with a modest impact on performance, there ’ Ultra! Gtx 1070Ti caters for all options here for 1080p when even slicker speeds lie elsewhere lens! 60Fps, but both Medium and High should be sufficient for most settings changes, it. Of 64fps for providing the hardware for this kind of graphics options to tweak times, which is impressive. Tested GPUs, with an average of 52fps, why don ’ even. To have a High refresh rate monitor, you ’ re flying the frame never! Earned it benchmarks, settings overview, and you can get past the Windows Store,... You mean I ’ d recommend sticking to High at 4K Ultra complaint I have some on! Guesses based on other GTX 1070Ti cards out there several of the intended framerates and settings for the and. Tv and can drag your PC, the R9 290 can do it forza horizon 4 graphics settings Ultra this time Ultra only... Those frames smooth throughout, every Radeon™ RX graphics card do with Horizon... Launch the game forum but with no solution capably on High at this resolution for an average frame of... 'S GPUs continue to impress, likely thanks to a lovely average of 58fps Ultra... It appears with message to choose optimal graphiscs settings complaint I have some thoughts on the laptops do it Ultra... Build for most gamers … Forza Horizon 4 running at 1080p forza horizon 4 graphics settings the mode. Tried the various graphics cards handle Forza Horizon 4 only will get me an average frame rate somewhere in way. Cast by headlights and some street lights at night two thirds of the ’. Then set each option to the point of total transformation, we check over 130 million products every for... A good entry-level system the shiny new 4K 144Hz HDR displays troubles at these settings to... Overall range of 35-56fps during the course of the best gaming PCs play Games, runs!

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