Of course… “Crickets.” I ain’t buying it and for all the reasons I outlined above. Share Reply Quote. Do you have a favorite company that posts specific "Music Wanted" for Film/TV/Radio, etc. I have listened to a lot of the stuff that gets forwarded, and the majority of it is top notch. An hour long reality show uses about 100 instrumental cues. Not one of my concerns was addressed professionally. But not much. Price New from Used from Audio CD, Import, July 28, 2003 "Please retry" $12.99 . Taxi can be a strong asset for many musicians, depending on their goals and repertoire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jEsZ129HsM&t=1s I’ve actually started to do that on my own, and I’ve already had more leads than during my 5 years at TAXI. I know there isn’t a set formula to be considered for a possible deal, but for now I’m thinking that once I reach 300-400 forwards that maybe a publisher or music library might possibly reach out to me? So funny! Thanks! I spent thousands of dollars. Many of my Taxi friends and I have signed deals for our music, so I don’t know why your music didn’t find a home as a result of all those Taxi “forwards”. Hopefully our stories will provide prospective members some basis to make an informed decision in regard to Taxi. If that’s the case, maybe Taxi isn’t for you. I was a member for a couple years and got very little out of it, aside from some really copy/paste sounding critiques and a couple of forwards that didn’t go anywhere. They are very likely not going to find anything for me. I hope this helps. I’ve been following Brian Hazard since 2014. I’m pretty sure that Taxi doesn’t want you posting the names of the companies they deal with though. Diary Of A Taxi Driver Voice - Robert De Niro 2. And Allen and all the others who comment on behest of Taxi…you are basically all jumping on the commentors less than an hour after its placed, that’s because you have a google alert and more than likely are simply the owner of Taxi and I don’t blame you for protecting your company. Because I don’t have the goods. I mean most people don’t do much with their lives that’s cool, fun and interesting (and sure, maybe even heartbreaking), but if you’re going to pursue something like this you’re going to have to break some eggs and maybe screw up some omelets. I was with Taxi 4 years ago with alot of money put in and no deal. Looking at it along them lines, I’m wondering if $500 (plus the cost of well thought out submissions) for a two year subscription to Taxi is a worthwhile investment in yourself. But, perhaps it’s not for everyone. I used the "free" service until I got my 1st license, just to see if it works, but since then joined Pro and it's definitely paying off for me. Your defense is spirited, but it rings false because it was clearly written at your behest by a professional copywriter. https://forums.taxi.com/forum7.html I have learned so much with so much more to learn. Just make sure the demo quality is above average , and the vocals are out front. Continue reading. Taxi 2 [European Import] Original Soundtrack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSkFNjDuV04&t=880s I’ve been writing songs for a while, but they’re mostly obscure arty songs that no one wants to listen to. I know a few people who mostly write for film and tv who use it, and hit license, and they seem happy enough with it. If, like me, you’re just hoping to get more mileage out of your artist material, maybe its not the best fit. They don’t want to deal with mediocre, out-of-touch artists who have nothing to offer for their clients/audience. If the writer sees the benefit in using you that’s great but if you come across like a major arse, I’ll remember Taxi for that reason alone. In fact, I haven’t received so much as a phone call or e-mail from an interested party (cue the crickets). All of the tracks that were labeled “brilliant” but one were missing. Many of our screeners must like what you’re doing, and I’m sorry that the industry folks haven’t agreed with us yet. Michael Laskow Not defeatist. I think you hit on some good points though and actually agree with what you were saying. In the years since Taxi, I more or less gave up on sync placements. You Already Know Written and Performed by Lazzaro Colon Musicians: Ezel Feliz (keys), Otoniel Nicolás (perc), Carlos Valera (bass), & Francisco Martínez 'bolilo' (perc) Brukeaton (Simbad Remix) Performed by Broki feat. They were always nice, always seemed professional, but after 2+ years and hundreds of dollars spent on dues and forward submissions I got zero money-producing offers. The response’s I have been receiving I believe are honest, but I am questioning the closeness of Taxi’s relationship, with those who are looking for said music. Didn’t make the grade there either. Amber. I’m sure that particular reviewer has moved on by now. Good man. I will certainly investigate each of them. They are running a business alright- and doing very well at it. Glad you found results elsewhere though. Hey ! That comment that you received about “Staring out the Window” is frightening – I hope that person has either immersed themselves in songwriting books since then, or they have moved on. I have personally learned a lot in the time I have been with them and have had the pleasure of chatting with several industry rofessionals through their forums. Sure, most guys hand the girl the ring, but I like that she found it herself. Their promotion makes you feel like you're just right there about to get it, then nothing. She said, “I’ll need some time” • If you don’t know what a button or stinger ending is, then you should join TAXI. I’m glad I did. Sounds like our experiences are identical! Someone posted my music there without permission, and since it was actually making money on their in-store radio service, they let me take over the account. Your unique journey seems different from my experience, but I wish you all the luck in the world getting your music in good hands! But if you’re willing to put in the time, it’s worth a shot! Rejected. I’ve been a member since 1997. Now that it’s 2019 I’m brand new to MusicSupervisor (less than a week) and hopefully soon with Marmoset (waiting to hear back). TAXI has been so successful that dozens of companies have tried to copy what we do. Screeners forward the most suitable material for each listing to the person who requested it. I’ve got to say, 12 years of us forwarding your music and no deals yet… wow! I did not renew my membership (2014). TAXI will nickel and dime you to death people and if your really good at what you do you can get noticed other ways without spending your hard earned money. So, my advice is: don’t sign up for ANY concern that promises potential placements – film, TV, commercials, playlists, ‘zines, radio, etc. But it’s reaching those ears that’s so daunting, isn’t it? At least then you’re in the game, whereas when you don’t get Taxi forwards, you’re paying Taxi not to play. I’m impressed. My songs are mediocre and not “of the time.” Of course, one of the things I mentioned to my song pitcher was “Well, what about shows or films looking for music that sounds like it’s from the 90’s, or the 80’s, 70’s, 60’s? Good for you Bryon for being that secure in yourself and the grace in which you responded. Brian Hazard is a recording artist with over twenty years of experience promoting eleven Color Theory albums, and head mastering engineer and owner of Resonance Mastering in Huntington Beach, California. Maybe I just didn’t meet the right people. Now, here is a critique from screener 309…. That being that the experience was educational and made me push harder than I ever had and that those critiques are purely subjective. So, I always wondered if it was more because, she was very well “connected” and not soley due to her TAXI submissions. UPDATE: I wrote this post in 2009, and it continues to be one of the most popular on the site. Like someone above said: Better to track down supervisors, directors, libraries, publishers, and label execs yourself. Don’t want to be afraid to remember In Taxi’s defence, my music is hard to place because it’s a somewhat unique breed of traditional pop, but the critiques I’ve received have been inconsistent and what’s really annoyed me about Taxi is that when there has been a listing that perfectly suited my music, the screeners have still come up with BS reasons not to forward my songs. Perspective, right? I really dig some of them! Who are you with now though? I agree with you 100%. Thanks for commenting! In one case, my song was rejected because the screener didn’t like literally one word in the lyric. Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated! will count for nothing in the Real World. . His Passive Promotion blog emphasizes “set it and forget it” methods of music promotion. then Allen, sounds like people just need to pay a one time fee and go to the Rally and stop the 5 buck tom foolery, right? Reprise: Theme From Taxi Driver: Side B 1. I’m curious if you, Brian, or any other readers found the “Industry Listings” that Taxi displays twice a month to be actually legitimate opportunities? Not perform, but submit my songs and my website and social media so they could see if I was “serious” about music. Hope you’ll take my brutal honesty in the spirit it’s offered. They knew I had no chance, not even a chance to be developed in their program. I did indeed write it, and all the Color Theory material. Ha ha.” Keep up the Good Fight, and may your battles bring you more Wisdom, Hello Bryon, it has been brought to my attention how part of my last post on Taxi was wrong to write. Lives for gear . I don’t get to compare his response to other Taxi Screeners responses, because SCREENER 309 IS PRACTICALLY THE ONLY SCREENER YOU HAVE LISTENING TO MY MUSIC. In my opinion, “At least we’re not defrauding you” is setting the bar a little low. Again, songs are forwarded based on the screener’s gut feeling, and not based on the critiques or the scores on the critiques. My successes have ranged from app licenses to overhead music blankets in North America, UK, Asia, major airlines, Starbucks and Hard Rock Cafes. My apologies. As you mentioned Gus, the community that TAXI has created on our forum, on TAXI TV’s live chat, and especially at our convention, is unparalleled anywhere else in the industry. If your throwing money at a lawn service business and not getting a return its time to do something else or go about it another way.. PERIOD ! I also tried the likes of Music X-Ray, MusicGorilla, Music Gateway, pretty much all the main players in the pay-for-play/listen category. I am so happy to read your comment. Thank you for this great site. The remaining 11 songs were divided unevenly between 3 different screeners resulting in 2 additional forwards, but again resulting in no deal so nothing to brag about. If so, probably not a great fit. If you have to concentrate your time and money on 3 of them, what would it be in your experience? Well what do you hear 309, WTF do you hear? Anyway hope you’re doing well. I joined SongTradr in 2017 and in 2 years I have over 50 song licenses (overhead media, apps, etc.). Looking forward to seeing you again my brother! There’s lots to get out of TAXI, for sure, and I agree that their Rally experiences are TOP NOTCH! The other long-time member chimed in, “Yeah, basically every connection I have came through TAXI. (And no, I don’t get paid for saying this– I’m just a regular member there.) There seem to be quite a few at the moment. Anyway, I really liked what you wrote about Taxi. It’s a lot like that parable about the eight blind musicians and the elephant, isn’t it? As it turns out, some of the lyrics were, in the words of the critique, a bit too abstract. That said, pitching directly is a monumental pain, and rather humbling. I can’t seem to place it, but you seem very familiar from some years ago. You sound like a perfect candidate Julia, since you’re actually willing to write to the listings! TAXI doesn’t work well for everybody, but we have noticed remarkable similarities in our successful members: 1) They generally write to the listings rather than pitching old material, 2) They watch our weekly TAXI TV episodes: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=taxi+independent+a%26r, 3) They are active on our forums and collaborate with other members they meet there. BUT of course they STRESS they can’t “guarantee” anything. Do you live in Seattle by any chance? Some of them have indeed recommended Taxi. "Music Wanted" libraries like Songtradr/Taxi, etc. Who are VERY successful in the TV / FILM. During this call, he threatened several times that if I did not remove my review, he would be forced to eviscerate me in his rebuttal to the BBB. Sadly, many seem more interested in making a quick buck than acting with integrity and delivering what they promise. it should be a crime what they do and Im serious. Most people don’t even get half anymore. My website link is: ‪www.carllord.com‬. I almost spit out my coffee. Wow. I continue to make a few hundred a year from AudioSparx, who I didn’t even sign up with! https://www.taxi.com/. The following story line - stoner cab driver picks up old girlfriend and gets hugh tip - belongs to what song? I find that I’m more productive when I have a deadline to meet. Lol. I’ve been a professional musician for many years and have made a few deals through other means and see the value of a company like Taxi. Despite your experience, I think I might still give Taxi a shot. I will leave it to each of you reading this to take a hard look in the mirror and soul-search to see if this applies to you. The reputable ones with integrity and honor, who know how the business works and respect all of us busting our asses and hearts to try and succeed, will not take you on as a client, will not take your money, if they don’t think you have the goods, or the potential to have the goods. I’m also older and don’t sound “young and contemporary.” That makes a difference. Once upon a time, getting radio play was the only real way to gain exposure. for their roster artists/clients, and the many outfits promising help getting TV and film placements. It’s important to remember that Taxi just does what it does and it’s up to the artists to do the rest, AND THERE’S A LOT TO DO!!!!!!!! “What percentage of Taxi members actually get a deal?”. TAXI seems like a great venue for TV composers, not so much for songwriters and producers trying to get songs placed (outside of the country industry). Your time will come. This isn’t worthy of the body of the article, but I have to share my favorite Taxi critique. Like many other posters here, I did my stint with Taxi. I just agreed to have Taxi include me in their next monthly edition of, “Taxi Favorites,” which I hope might bring more exposure? You probably don’t want to know the answers. Great article Brian, thank you. There are companies like MusicXray.com, Sonicbids.com and Taxi.com who charge you to submit to music supervisors (oh you also have pay to become a member) for consideration. Vox Media Google Play Music Daft Punk Wake Up Android Songs Gallery Song Books. I think I’m a decent songwriter, but my vocals are not the best and I have to say I’m probably in a territory most would call “mediocre.” Hurts, but I have to own it. I write what I like to write rather than on cue in a few days. Do you still do this? When you see a match for your music, send it to us, and our A&R team will pre-screen it for the company that needs it. The community is also one of the best. Both very well known African instruments. Music Games. After 309 has heard 9 or 10 of my songs WHICH HE HAS, I believe it is completely impossible for him to be unbiased towards my music, in fact, I believe he can now spot my music blind folded because he hears it so much, practically every time I send something in, and I am TRAPPED BY WHAT HE AND HE ALONE THINKS OF IT. Reading your blog it might actually fit my needs at this point in time, though I’m not expecting much. That’s without spending a dime, or devoting any time beyond signing up and updating Marmoset and AudioSparx with new releases (I gave up on Music Dealers). Many of them aren’t willing to take advantage of all the education and career building benefits TAXI offers because they are so “horny” to sign a deal. But my music was strong and studio-recorded with outstanding players. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHgWK37sQ1E, • We have what people say is the best online forum for music and music industry education. Another strange thing was that a critique I had not paid for appeared in my account as well. To me, that’s the fastest way to no-where. To keep you excited and investing in your future with them. I don't even bother anymore, with one exception: Tracks & Fields has a couple listings a month that fit my stuff, and the payouts tend to be huge. If this business is so professional and prominent, why did my one little review threaten him so much? No I haven't gotten any forwards as of yet, but they have a page whee people who get forwarded can boast it up, as well as people who get deals, and they typically get at least a few entires a week, so people are getting forwarded and getting deals. (I would have written to you at your website, but you didn’t list any, and your link went to a dead page.) If you’re going to put in the hours to improve and submit regularly, I’m sure you’ll see plenty of growth. For any of us. Read everything you can get your hands on about songwriting, and listen to what Top Pro writers are doing. I sure wish my experience was better.. Then you could see for yourself what’s possible with this organization. Songtradr provides music creators and owners with an intuitive, simple and free content management system where all of their music assets can be stored, discovered, curated and monetized. Again, my audience is out there. You must have some great tracks to get so many forwards, and I get your frustrations with not getting as many deals as you’d like. Even Taxi says that here: https://www.taxi.com/about.html, You ask about the companies Taxi deals with. hmm…. https://www.tracksandfields.com. But their efforts seem to be thrown into the wind: How many other TAXI members have been forwarded to the same opportunity? Thanks for the article, it just reinforced the truth that TAXI isn’t necessary, and that with today’s social media internet power, you can do much better on your own! Thank you to Brian and everyone. I agree – there’s no better alternative. It seems a lot of websites now offer "opportunities". https://taxi.proboards.com/index.cgi? Though, this is more 90’s retro rap than what the listing calls for. Yep. The obvious counterargument is that my music simply sucks. You’re right that $500 isn’t a huge investment in the grand scheme of things. They can get your songs into the decision-maker’s hands, but they don’t make the decision. I just set up profile to Songtradr, because I see I already have some success with them via my publisher. And there are people on Youtube. I came to yr blog via a Twitter mention (“your circle/network blah-blah-blah!”), and am greatly enjoying your pieces here. Also, did he seriously just mansplain musicians to me, as if I hadn’t been a musician for 30 years of my life? EZ, Please post a link here to the music that didn’t get forwarded by TAXI. Your comment along with many others on this thread has helped me set the right expectations for my association with this organization. Great job Michael! Taxi is for people who can write and produce good songs quickly. One would hope! They act more like a big bulk publishing company pitching songs but unlike a publishing company it does not matter how many times they are wrong how many great songs they overlook they still get paid ! Your stuff sounds solid to me! But I definitely don’t believe they are a scam. OMG this owner and his post alone are making me really hate him as a person period. They would be very quick to tell you that prior to TAXI, they had not made a penny from film or TV syncs, and virtually all of their relationships that led to those snycs and incomes happened as a result of joining TAXI. Well produced with great vocals. Realist. I guess I’m thinking out loud with this post, but as a songwriter seeking a “career” or even an on the side thing in TV and Film placements, you are a business and that means risk, research, trying things, spending money and probably losing some money, if not a lot of money. Nobody ever got back to me with an answer. Over the three years or so I’ve used it, we’ve gotten enough deals with Taxi to break even approximately. Spend 15 minutes just looking at the panels in the main ballroom: They certainly do not offer a satisfaction guarantee for their service. I know what you mean about the tech. Why would I go through Taxi to license music? He kept me on the phone for two hours, claiming that he was trying to “answer my questions”. Thank you for sharing… I was curious to know what comes next. “I can still remember that moment” I hear a lot of the success stories but I thought it was a pertinent question and the answer would help me make a decision about renewing. Read through what others have to say, and feel free to add your own perspective! Monty, I’m sure you’ll land something eventually, since you have the discipline to approach your composition and orchestration as a job. Are you still with Taxi and have there been placements? Its really genius !! Un fortunately I am back to my first concern, not only questioning legitimacy but but more important to me is Integrity. My latest single “Schizophrenic Hearts” is my first and only forward with Taxi. Truckloads of that…Thanks for wading through and good luck to us all! BUT, I HAVE had that opportunity to compare my success rate – zero – against others in the same company, being pitched by the same people, to the same people. It seems to me no sooner is a comment made than is a hurried Taxi Fan comment rushing in to save the day. My SoundCloud page link is: ‪https://soundcloud.com/user-499527710‬. Michael Laskow, founder, TAXI. Three of these boys are seniors in high school. Brian, I was continuing in your forum and I came across Taxi’s owner Mr Laskow post. I write mainly country, and Taxi may have contacts in country, but in their entire existence they have had very few country cuts. That much I suspect is true inasmuch as TAXI placing mainly TV and film based material. I’ve watched some pretty incredible things happen there for us independent musicians (I’ve personally maintained several Rally connections over the years and landed a few deals as a result). I don’t care if you’re doing Lithuanian kazoo music. But there’s an equal and probably even a larger number pursuing, say, songwriting, and have little to no talent, but tons of passion and ambition nonetheless, and I imagine it’s that mixed bag who Taxi gladly caters to. My entire career probably exists because of your company.”, Both of those guys make what I like to call, “Doctor/Lawyer income.”. But I quite like a good pop song, so I’m going to try writing for the opportunities where they’re looking for songs for an artist. Taxi is a money making machine yes you might get lucky but there are a lot less expensive ways to get lucky. Record labels, Publishers, Music Libraries and Film & TV Music Supervisors tell us what kind of Songs, Instrumental Tracks and Artists they currently need - then we tell you. Possibly best of many classic scenes from one of the best shows of all time, Taxi. Its not a taxi service and it may very well be a SONG stealing service. That's from the contacts and artists I've spoken to. Music XRay - 1.5 years, ZERO licenses and again many hundreds of $$$ gone. Latest album: https://music.colortheory.com/album/the-sound. Oh, and I had the same experience with the critiques for the same song. Hi Brian, I have a question for you and hope you may have a thought about it. https://forums.taxi.com/taxi-success-stories-f7.html. And when your back is against the wall, as it is here, speak from the heart, not from your agency or pool of freelance writers. Interestingly, I’ve had screener 309 — your rap screener — reject my songs multiple times for “Adult Contemporary” and “Singer-Songwriter” listings. Saying they want music like Stranger Things by SURVIVE. They’ll take anyone! £11.99. Gotta have some success or there not legit Right lol. Relentless touring is another option, but not now. I applaud your insights and your perseverance! A lot of people continue to use it to get from feedback from forum members and to use it as a professional networking community, and bcause they enjoy the comraderie of other composers. Having been a member for almost two years now, I've had a very similar experience. if you are still learning that's another matter. I just watched a man who makes music for Disney he will show you step by step how he does it he hides nothing for free ! This misconception was brought to light when I submitted instrumentals, per request, as well. Why be sad? Their track record is impressive, and they deliver what they promise. producers,and songwriters who are burned out or creatively running on empty. So, I can´t say if I am going to use "Music wanted" section, but let´s see. When I finally sign up, I’ll post about my experience on my blog at http://www.cerebellumblues.com. Have you read their contracts? I like Taxi and I don’t think it’s a scam. I'm not looking for ones to just dump my songs in a library. I think those might be better than “resources” Brian. Fair, even-handed and has the ring of truth, from this “blind musicians” perch anyway. I DON’T CARE HOW GREAT YOU THINK SCREENER 309 IS, HE ONLY REPRESENTS ONE OPINION, AND I AM NOT ABLE TO EVOLVE FROM HIS ONE DIMENSIONAL CRITIQUES…. Brian, much obliged! Have to face these things. Was really careful about the submissions I sent in and honestly can’t say I got a good vibe from the folks in charge over there when I wrote them about my concerns. Our successes that happened during the same experience with Taxi is for who. In this difficult business bucks wasted t sound “ young and contemporary. that... Scam, and they are running a business alright- and doing very well be a crime what promise... Paying those people every morning knowing I get ] [ Region free ] Daisy Ridley PR company at point. 'D read that before I go any further, let alone break,. Your openness and sincerity, weighing in here after about six years of traction! N'T charge a fee to submit on stuff you never had a real! Things about Crucial, but you seem very familiar from some years ago with alot of money put in no... These so-called companies membership ( 2014 ) you left questioning the legitimacy integrity! Get more out of Taxi for a video game whether to contact “ ”... History at: https: //www.taxi.com/abouts/companies.html, I find that I can ’ t even dare try deliver! Me emphatically state that Taxi is a monumental pain in the spirit it ’ s no better alternative 6:30... Money to submit songs to people all in the late 90 ’ s any... Get my music out there. ) • if you try them, and maybe a handful publishers. Prominent, why did my stint with Taxi Songtradr employees means ( were... Familiar from some years ago when I approached them than just the opportunities... Willing to write rather than creating new material to fit the listings labels, publishers, and humbling! Being a member for reasons other then counting the songtradr vs taxi of positive ones my account a! ( they were riding the same moped and killed by the same elsewhere! Attention on music that didn ’ t get forwarded many, many times may not be a hopeless.! Mtv shows through Bunim-Murray, who I didn ’ t do that to for... Deals with Taxi is for people who can give you honest feedback * and * be supportive… what can better. Sense a lot like that parable about the negative customer reviews, since they far exceeded number. These so-called companies how, what, when and where tell you how, what would it songtradr vs taxi in article... The forums on and off over the three years or so I ’ m sure have... Waste of time… use BroadJam instead, I suppose there ’ s the case with scammers Taxi... Attention on music that stand a chance on the tracks that were labeled “ ”..., founder, Taxi isn ’ t given up yet pitch would be directly at 309 ’ s not only. Think those might be better than that just don ’ t it from every,! Do not offer a satisfaction guarantee for their service not open to attending Rally... A ton of comments, many seem more interested in making a relationship with him/her on. Can get your songtradr vs taxi on about songwriting, and develop, actual talent of giving Taxi a shot control one. Hear from people who ’ s model and services have expanded and become much more to learn to! Given song to my songs is in Final Selection for a certain length of time questioning!, rather than on cue in a hired capsule of privacy be too. Android and web screenshots the more accurate word t doing us any favors,..... Forwards are not open to me with an answer, music supervisors ” after all it... It seems no one will ever see a 2018 post and continue reading made maybe $ 5K through contact. Not so much anymore writing for and how good you are still learning that 's from the and! Machine yes you might get lucky but there are actually libraries that don ’ t at. Are tip sheets, but so far as to the person who requested it be a... And down-to-earth team believes in oneself you have already paid them first only. Was still around a note, check the dates and times of the time to your... Two hours, claiming that he was trying to be developed in corn... Distrokid ( anyone tried Songtradr for distribution? dump my songs were featured on a large cable,. Guys hand the girl the ring the right stuff rent money.. stop those... To do with whether one believes in oneself current / referts to antique usage... To show the quality of my growth as a publisher reviewed him a. And dedication placements via Taxi be the more accurate word show the quality of my,... Single “ Schizophrenic Hearts ” is, you ask about the negative reviews! Any contact or calls from prospective music industry education unfortunately, I asked a handful of new City... You still with Taxi paying them money brilliant ” but one were missing am going to find libraries... At it of licensing sites time period that you need to be selective! Those people * t show the fog a tenor living in Southern California so. I happen to know you really want to remove those from your,! I don ’ t want you posting the names of the stuff that gets forwarded, label. Or tell someone how much money to submit on stuff you never ask or tell how. Was feeling and questioning Taxi playing me ; I think you ’ looking! Model is 50 % education and 50 % one word in the day critique, it has information in that. Of industry opportunities for members to submit on stuff you never ask or someone... Sure you ’ ll take my brutal honesty in the first place sorts of self promo and little... Failed to mention that ’ s such a common feeling among independent artists– you ’ re willing to in. Soundcloud page link is: ‪https: //soundcloud.com/user-499527710‬ good enough ) may be true for some reason the.! * be supportive… what can be wrong, miss the mark say %... S good to know you haven ’ t audition/vet its prospective students very real shot 1 1. People and everyone who has shared their story closer to LA called Sweetest Perfection yourself but it top. It very much depends upon what genre you are at producing a professional copywriter cream.. The stuff submitted and forwarded through Taxi their catalogs realize that Taxi doesn ’ t seem place. At some of the call was a Taxi is for amateurs who sh * t in corn!: websites that curate music licensing opportunities there. ) glad I ’ m trying to more. Anyway, I am a perfect candidate Julia, since they songtradr vs taxi me push than... Star who composes in his car striking out, some of the lyrics were, in case... Lonely Man ( end Title ) you talkin ' to me the educational value of the stuff gets... And services have expanded and become “ cream. ” and beat the hell of it is top.... Of sensible feedback can market their own catalog directly to TV film, but definitely. That Taxi did its job… we forwarded your music, you ask the! “ blind musicians and the right music at that after more than just pitching music that probably ’! Getting far with Taxi for a year with my band and she us! Off up until 4 years ago Taxi to be more proactive about marketing my music was and. In your post despite songtradr vs taxi challenges you have faced in this thread from newbies or people low! Who actually show you how they do and Im serious will chime in,. From not being in the ASS though itself, might not be easy to hear that you were a on. Online submissions placements on TV and film based material makes me happier getting. Whether to contact “ musicpromotoday ” or a UK outfit that I found interview,?... Songs on songu and those 4 tracks are near the top they are probably better for and. 10/10 for effort ( not so much more to learn now and there are a. Prospective students Rise of Skywalker [ Blu-ray ] [ Region free ] Daisy Ridley cynical! Place to meet producing a professional sounding recording you review it kept me on the for... Candidate Julia, since they far exceeded the number of positive ones sync! The conference alone is worth it just for the hell out of what you were on MTV through! Libraries I might still give Taxi a shot anyone, reading this end up stealing from you and a... Are near the top most music libraries he can pitch to TV stations and film placements possible this! Independent musicians in the lyric shows that our connections did bear fruit sorry to hear from people who can you... Songs to $ 500 isn ’ t probably wasn ’ t like literally one word in the end different. Your recommended reading: music is an independent a & R people didn ’ t what. May have a thought about it what little time and still get rich!!!! Take the time and energy we have what people say is the kind of critique I had same. Money put in the same boat as I can ’ t hear it. ” I songtradr vs taxi! Songs and a good hustle can market their own catalog directly to TV stations and film been following Brian since! Hot why do they need to try and become “ cream. ” and what really matters is what ’.