Oil pressure OK? Monthly inspections will ensure the fire extinguisher will operate as directed in the event of an emergency. NFPA 10 is the standard for portable fire extinguishers. Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Schedule Template. Exits 1. Pre-Fire Inspection Checklist Please note that the following checklists indicate only the most common violations found and that the lists do not represent the entire Code. Additional items - Your agency may require additional items to be checked during the pre- trip/post-trip inspection, such as fluid checks, engine, hoses and belts under the hood. When completed, you should be able to perform a fire extinguisher inspection on common types of extinguishers. Trained professionals can follow this template as a guide when performing inspections: 2017 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Dry Chemical Back Room 10 Lbs Quell Dry Chemical Store Room 10 Lbs Quell Dry Chemical Lunch Room 10 Lbs Quell Next to Entrance Door Co2 5 Lbs General Dry Chemical Admin 10 Lbs Quell Dry Chemical Hallway 10 Lbs Quell Dry Chemical Front Room 20 Lbs Quell PORTABLE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS SELF INSPECTION CHECKLIST Guidelines: ... kept on a tag or label attached to the fire extinguisher, on an inspection checklist on file, or in an electronic system (e.g., bar coding ) that provides a permanent record. Download and customize this checklist according to your inspection needs.

… Subpart “L” - Fire Protection Standard 1910.157 * Note – A sample of maintenance procedures and checks … Inspection Tag Template Daily Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist from monthly fire extinguisher inspection form template , source:zenei.co. Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist (September 2013) Page 1 of 1 Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist Make Results Legend Ansul An Recertified R Amerex Am New Certified NC Flag F 6 Yr Due 6YRD First Alert FA 6 Yr Done 6YR General G Hydro Test Due HTD Kidde K Hydro Test HT Pyrene P Condemned C Strike First SF Cartridge Exch CE Recharged RC Inspected INSP Hydrostatic Test … As a facility manager or business owner, here are four broad checks you need to follow. 13. Fire Extinguisher Checklist – Facility Inspection Checklist. Last Updated: October 6, 2020 3:23:19 PM PDT. They can also help ensure that your fire extinguishers are capable of containing or extinguishing most small fires before they become big ones. Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist Template. 4 letters) o Tenant identification/address of business is on rear door of multi-tenant buildings (i.e. Checklists. The corrective actions must be performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s service manual. Free uploads.strikinglycdn.com. Each task uses form fields to let the person working through the checklist record information as they go, while following the instructions alongside them to get every check perfect. Shares Share on … LIST OTHER EQUIPMENT. Tina Tsonis Posted On June 19, 2020 0. Check additional items as necessary using procedures set forth by your agency. Is it clear of obstructions to access or visibility? Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist. To enable screen reader support, press Ctrl+Alt+Z To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press Ctrl+slash 1 Uniformly spaced standpipe systems or hose stations connected to a sprinkler system installed for emergency use may be used instead of Class A portable fire extinguishers.. 2 Depending on size of extinguisher and size of fire hazard, a maximum 30 feet travel distance may be required.. 3 Use existing Class A or Class B hazards to determine the required pattern. Premises Identification 1. Are operating instructions on the name plate legible and facing outward? Fire Alarm Inspection Form Nfpa 72. Fire Inspection Checklist Address o Address is posted on outside of business and viewable from the public way (min. Departments must assign an individual to inspect monthly the extinguishers in or adjacent to the department's facilities.