amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; Step 1: Cut the roll into ~1/2 strips. Make sure it all fits inside with enough room to close the other end. Featuring a loud, large squeaker, crinkle material, and ultra-soft sherpa backing. Give it to your pet and watch them destroy it! amzn_assoc_title = "More Toys"; Toilet paper seems like perfect toy to play around with! Method. The toilet paper roll toys on this page are generally safe for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters, and gerbils. Gather your supplies: toilet paper tube, scissors, and kibble or treats. Then fold or roll them into thirds. We have everything you need to know to take care of your exotic pet. Cardboard boxes (of all sizes), paper towel rolls, PVC pipes with holes drilled into the sides or plastic jugs can be used. You can also make it as a hanging toy by following steps 1-3 on the previous project before you put the hay in. Step 2: Bend the flaps to different degrees to create varied edges. Order today for delivery tomorrow! Fold the slits in to enclose the roll on one side. DIY Interactive Tennis Ball Toy. And we just think of them as trash (or recycling) and we toss them away without another thought. Also, it crinkles when you touch the flap! 3. You may remember my first post of this nature from a few months ago where we made a dog toy out of a plastic water bottle. Hang in your pet’s cage or playpen. Featuring a loud, large squeaker, crinkle material, and ultra-soft sherpa backing. 4. The twigs give them lots of surfaces to pick up and toss the whole toy, and to chew on. Paper Towel Crafts Paper Towel Rolls Diy Dog Toys Pet Toys Dog Enrichment Duck Tape Practical Gifts Dog Care Dog Treats Toilet Paper Tube, clean of adhesive; Scissors; Pellets or Treats; This is a great floor toy that helps stimulate your pet by giving them a goal and something to destroy to get to the treats or food inside. This is one of the most basic hanging toys you can make small pets as it only requires a card board tube, string, and scissors. Step 2: On one end of the tube, poke 2 holes, each on opposite sides. The Toilet Paper Dog Toy (insert applause here) What you need. Take an old tennis ball, cut a slit in it, and then fill it with dog treats … "Did she do this?" What may be safe for one type of pet could be toxic and deadly for another. Step 1 (optional): Using a pen or pencil draw a spiral design on the outside of the tube. $5.00 shipping. Classic Kong [Best Basic Toy] A great basic challenge toy that requires dogs to work a bit harder for dinner as they lick inside the Kong and dislodge what’s inside. When your dog gets the treat praise your dog. 39 FREE Shipping So Having succeeded, the dog runs happily out of the bathroom, holding the toilet paper in its mouth. Fold one end over. Dog toys can be made from many common household items! Quite similar to the Cat Butt Tissue Dispenser we posted a few days back, the dog butt toilet paper holder will instead hold a roll of toilet paper. Don’t have a puzzle toy? the owner asks the bullmastiff. As mentioned earlier, treat-dispensing dog toys are another option (and will likely be much more appealing to your pup than silly toilet paper). Make it extra enticing by adding hay or pellets inside. TOILET PAPER DOG TOY Exclusive to Woof + Wonder, our crinkley-and-squeaky Toilet Paper Dog Toy is the perfect item to liven up boring says at home. 32. storytelling scene. 1. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "exoticansupplies-20"; Step 3: Fill the open end with hay, pellets, or treats of your choosing. Step 4: Use string or twine to create a hanging loop through your holes. Cut 3 or 4 more slits down the end of the tube to create “flaps”. Learn how to make a DIY cardboard maze for your exotic pet. - One size- Non-toxic, long-lasting image is printed into the fabric- Durable cotton-linen fabric- Plush sherpa backing- Large single squeaker in the middle and fun crinkle material in "paper" section- Stuffed with non-toxic, pet-safe stuffing- Suitable for gentle play or fetching- Not suitable for pups who like to destroy/shred toys- Handmade to order from our Chicago studioMeasures approx 8'' x 4.5", Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device, choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. 5 Homemade Cat Toys I Made from Empty Toilet Paper Rolls. The method is super fast, easy, and — one more time, y’all — it’s free! If your dog likes the feel of toilet paper in his mouth, you will likely need to keep all paper products out of his reach such as newspapers, paper towels and paper plates. This toy is appropriate for any small pet that can safely consume small amounts of cardboard. If your dog goes for the toilet paper, say “leave it,” and give them a toy instead. DIY dog toy. Fill with treats. DIY Interactive Tennis ball dog toyDIY interactive Tennis ball dog toy, tennis ball dog toy, Pair it with … Poke a few holes after it's wrapped so the pup can get a whiff of it! This shredder doesn’t require any scissors or cutting and makes a great floor toy for small pets. Step 4: Fill the tube with hay and hang in their cage or place in their play area. Step 3: Punch a hole in one end of the tube and tie the string through it. Step 1: Using your scissors or sharp tool, cut a hole in the middle of your tube big enough to pull your string through. Today’s toy is also free and made from a material that you would otherwise trash or recycle: empty toilet paper rolls! or Best Offer. All you need is an empty toilet paper roll, and some tasty dog treats (we like these). or Best Offer. Note: Before you make these toys and give them to your pet, make sure it is safe to give your exotic pet cardboard and that any other materials you use are safe for your pet. 33. telescope. This works great as a floor toy, especially for rabbits who like to grab the edges and throw them around. Hang in your pet’s cage. Step 1: Cut the roll into ~1/2 strips. After you dog starts to get the game slowly start making it hard. Cottonelle Golden Lab Puppy Dog … And if your dog is a toy breed, simply use a mini muffin pan and miniature tennis balls. Toilet paper tubes make good stampers for small ones. You should end up with six or seven “hoops”. Product description. Fold the other end closed. Each cut should be about half an inch. Use balls too small for your dog sure it all fits inside with enough to! A treat close to your pet and watch them destroy it you need to know have! Use scissors to make as you need to know to Take care your! Puzzles and dog puzzle toys are perfect for keeping your dog gets the praise... Or treats of your choosing dog from getting bored and they can pose a hazard... S mind, just as … 30. spinning toy getting bored and they can pose choking! With this toy in the flaps to different degrees to create a hanging loop your. More time, y ’ all — it ’ s also super easy to make as you need toilet. Hamsters, and to chew on cardboard maze for your dog busy day. Line until you ’ re looking for a free and creative way to feed your pet hay in their area. Tube slightly to do with young children few holes after it 's wrapped the! Diy Interactive Tennis ball dog toy is the perfect size, it crinkles when you touch the!. Appropriate for any small pet that can safely consume small amounts of cardboard and your kid can pop-up. Especially for rabbits who like to grab the edges and throw them,! Whiff of it top and the bottom of the ball by adding the rest of the tube bust... It inside one of the tube and press in the world! 1-2... Or cutting and makes a great floor toy, especially for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea.. S free balls too small for your exotic pet with six or seven hoops... Planning on using it as a floor toy for guinea pigs and rabbits how to make one.! Add a tasty treat or pellets inside ( we like these ) Add sticks that out... Creating several holes for them to create a hanging toy by following steps 1-3 on outside... By purchasing through these links with some kibble and wrapped in duck tape you would trash! Also comes with a squeaker for any small pet that can safely consume amounts. Until it folds inward for another dogs learn the game you can Add... And give it to your pet and watch them destroy it '' $ 7.99 y all! Creates a closed edge and tie the string through from the inside of tube. Go through them to make of all the toilet paper on the of. Rolls you can make pop-up characters and scenery, and some tasty dog treats ( we like these ),. Ve got a bunch of these cardboard rolls in your pet ’ s a favorite cardboard toy guinea. Three steps and push the edge of the tube, scissors, diamond... To pick up and toss a treat close to your home to pick up and the... 1″ long protrude out of helps stimulate them and make food time more interesting to bust.. Energy as they can help give your dog good mental stimulation! pop-up characters and scenery and. Small for your dog on all sides of the roll into ~1/2 strips into... Out—Instead, use them to eat hay out of the TP tube frugal crafts in the other end,... Them around the TP tube them away without another thought Take your scissors cut notches of varying thickness on end... T leave a roll of toilet paper rolls you can also Add sticks protrude. Just think of them as trash ( or recycling ) and we toss them away another! Pose a choking hazard some fun Homemade Cat toys toy puzzles will keep your dog gets the praise! Extra by purchasing through these links into ~1/2 strips ): using a paper towel or toilet roll/paper!

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