"I said, 'You know what -- when I'm dead and gone, when everybody in this band has passed or what have you, I want the world to remember this Considering the weight and emphasis on metaphors in the song, Smith also considered certain words and imagery when writing the verse lyrics: ‘In a box/high up on the shelf/left for you/no one else.’, “The box is your memories, the things in your life you’ve kept very close like a diary,” he explained. He had been playing music and writing since he was 10, but he never wrote anything like “45”. Smith didn't hesitate. This song is about lead singer Brent Smith leaving his native Knoxville, Tennessee, to pursue a career in rock 'n' roll. Find more of Shinedown lyrics. You can put your memories in this box and pull it down when you need to remember but there’s a certain time in life when you have to let the box go. The 45 was a metaphor for the world and ‘staring down the barrel of a 45’ was about staring down at this planet and what it throws at you, how you have maneuvered through your life.”, “It’s also about reflection and it’s a coming of age story,” he added. Hose down a JSS member or plunge with Team 98 Rock. "Monsters" is a song by American rock band Shinedown. "It's about a lot of different situations that people get put in because they have things in their mind that - for whatever reason - they used to … Already a member? I've had the pleasure of seeing shinedown twice in concert, and dispite the boose, it was two concerts that I will never forget. Macie Bennett The song was released on July 13, 2003, on the album Leave a Whisper. 45 stands for the world, and how at times it can feel like a gun. An acoustic cover of "45" was featured on the album's re-release on June 15, 2004. “I’m singing the song and talking about myself but it’s also a rebirth, coming into adulthood, realizing some of the stuff maybe your parents kept from you to give you a childhood before you had to face the world. It was that cinematic quality the first struck Smith when he revisited “Atlas Falls” earlier this year. Most recently the band released the single “Atlas Falls” which donated all proceeds towards Covid-19 relief efforts. And everything he tried to do to make them see him differently only seemed to make it worse for him. Her Name Is Alice song meanings Add your thoughts 8 Comments. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { Smith never understood that decision, as he explained, the song was never about a gun. } catch(e) {}, by Tied to the powerful image of a firearm, “45” quickly rose to the occasion, going platinum and put Shinedown on the map for rock music in 2003, but due to the unintended controversy of the song, the video was also banned on broadcast providers like MTV. Only members can comment. It is a song about the mental pain, but it is not a song that promotes self-pity or self-loathing. “I just heard the optimism in the song,” Smith explains. That you can kind of take what they say for what YOU want. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-source'); In fact it aims to accomplish quite the contrary. I'm a huge shinedown fan and I've seen them in concert a couple of times and brent smith has stated that it is not about suicide or abortion. Ultimately, it was the lyrics of "Atlas Falls" that led Shinedown to officially release the song. Playing and talking about “45” isn’t for him, it’s always for the fans, he explained. It premiered this past March alongside a campaign to raise money for Direct Relief, which is providing healthcare workers with personal protective equipment amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Over lush piano chords, Brent Smith sings about the mental struggles that Shinedown bass player Eric Bass endures. _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); Not only did Shinedown‘s new single “Atlas Falls” give the band a record-breaking 16 number-one hits on Billboard‘s Mainstream Rock Songs chart, it also serves as a time capsule of a different era. Log In. My InterpretationWhen I first heard it I thought the song was basically saying "No matter what you think of me, I still love you". “45” is a track off of Shinedown’s 2003 album Leave A Whisper.Many people portray the song to be about suicide, but the song is actually about hope, to fight against the odds. This song is the first single from their album Us and Them. “I sang that song in a garage with the smell of lawn equipment, gasoline and all kinds of stuff-just put a mic out there with a popper stopper and that’s what it was. “I remembered when the song was written how powerful I felt the song was, and how, still to this day, I’ve always thought that song had a very strong message.”. More Shinedown song meanings » Speaking to Rolling Stone, Shinedown front man Brent Smith discussed the lyrics of the song as "about not feeling like you can't stand up for yourself and take back your self respect if you feel as if someone is belittling you or trying to push you around. What it is condoning is survival. The song is not condoning violence. Shinedown Fans Also Like: Creed song meanings Breaking Benjamin song meanings System of a Down song meanings Godsmack song meanings Queen song meanings . Shinedown’s Brent Smith reflects on the sound and meaning of record-breaking single, “Atlas Falls” Atlantic Not only did Shinedown ‘s new single “Atlas Falls” give the band a record-breaking 16 number-one hits on Billboard ‘s Mainstream Rock Songs chart, it also serves as a … And … It's basically about how hard life is, and trying to understand who you are as a person. Behind the Song: Brent Smith Explains “45” by Shinedown, Brother Starling Flies As A Unit On Debut Record ‘The Weight of Change’, Behind the Song: The Beach Boys, “Good Vibrations”, Industry Contact Database (Pro/Master Only), Lyric Critique Walkthroughs (Pro/Master Only). _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-img'); I believe this song talks about someone who wasn't noticed before by a certain someone but later, after they got to know each other they grew close, fell in love and they opened up to each other. Ultimately, it was the lyrics of “Atlas Falls” that led Shinedown to officially release the song. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-source'); “A lot of those people in the audience, it might be the first time they hear that song live or they might have been waiting to hear it. var _g1; May 27, 2020, 8:46 am. } It was their third single off of their sixth studio album Attention Attention.It reached the top of the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart in June 2019. } He couldn't see things clearly from the haze of booze, pills or whatever but now he's come through all that." "Second Chance" is a song by American rock band Shinedown and the second single from their 2008 album, The Sound of Madness. General CommentThis is a song about someone who wanted to be the best person he could be, but couldn't quite get there because everything he did or said was analyzed and judged by people who really did not understand the true person that he was. I believe this is about someone the narrator of the song knows who is planning or already has killed there self because of a struggle with addiction, and has had many people look down on them and view them as worthless but narrator of the song knows they can overcome their problems and even lead a normal life with a little support and care. Since “45”, Shinedown has recorded over six studio albums and continues to be a driving force in the rock scene. Shinedown – Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom) stumlad had a comment on Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom) rated up by stella1127. } catch(e) {}, try { It could be anything or anyone. Though he kicked the habits, he still has to take it one day at a time. The song was written for those dealing with anxiety, depression, and similar personal struggles. Download/Stream. Meaning. - Again I quote: "...All in your mind All in your head Try to relate it All in your mind All in your head Try to escape it" "Virus" successfully describes and pinpoints the causes of many fears that commonly afflict a person struggling in his or her fight against mental illness. “When I heard it for the first time, I was just, like, ‘Wow, I don’t remember it being that large,’ if you will,” Smith shares. “Atlas Falls” which donated all proceeds towards Covid-19 relief efforts. Submit Your Interpretation [ want a different song? ] … Tied to the powerful image of a firearm, “45” quickly rose to the occasion, going platinum and put Shinedown on the map for rock music in 2003, but due to the unintended controversy of the … Comment and share your favourite lyrics. Interested in the deeper meanings of Shinedown songs? While “Atlas Falls” hearkens back to a past Shinedown era sonically, Smith feels that lyrically, it feels very relevant in the time of COVID-19. Following the album's release, "45" became a popular single. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { Shinedown singer Brent Smith battled substance abuse and alcoholism for a long time. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-img'); By Josh Johnson We wanted it to be epic.”. You are: Login; Register; Login with Facebook; Your phone number: Artist/band name. Shinedown – Her Name Is Alice. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); Upon reaching number one on the Mainstream Rock, Shinedown moved into second place for the most Mainstream Rock number ones with fourteen songs. “Every night when we play it, I look at everyone’s faces from the front row to the person way in the back and I take myself back to the day I was in the studio,” Smith said. It was the middle of July so it was about 110 degrees inside the garage and I was just pouring sweat and that’s the vocal you hear.”. It's saying that that change destroyed the past relationship and it will never be the same for either of them ("everything that mattered is just a city of dust covering both of us"). I don't think the song is stricly about being a … I believe this song is talking about how someone that they [the band/Brent] changed so much, and it's like they don't know they anymore. Having played and talked about the song so many times, surprisingly Smith was more than thrilled to talk about it once more. List of songs with Songfacts entries for Shinedown. var _g1; Smith, who wrote the lyrics, explained the song's meaning to Louder Sound: "Eric faces … Bass produced and mixed the Attention Attention album. So are we. Drummer Barry Kerch told Alternative Addiction: "It's about looking through the haze and getting things clear and again it's autobiographical from Brent. "It's kind of like being a new artist... because I guarantee nobody will have ever seen Shinedown in this capacity." “There’s layers of vocals and guitars…with the harmonies in some of those songs, we used and borrowed a lot from Queen. All rights reserved. Explore 1 meaning or write yours. Special by Shinedown song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position Seeing countless “45” tattoos and hearing fan stories, over 15 years later, Smith is still amazed at how many fans are still connected to the song. Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. "That's how I have to do it, but the dynamic in the song is not just about substance abuse," he explained to Louder Sound. _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); This haunting song finds Brent Smith looking at himself in the mirror and not recognizing who he sees. “And I’ll never forget when the song came out, it was our second single from the album and it was banned from MTV because of the video and lyric subject matter. Smith & Myers is comprised of Shinedown’s frontman Brent Smith and guitarist Zach Myers. During that time in the early 2000s, when Smith was barely 21 years old, “45” was the deepest song he had ever written. Become a Member to View the News I do feel that the song is about hope and that not anything is worth taking your life over. “But you know with songwriting the word diary did not fit, I needed something more dramatic and that’s where the box came from. The single was the second from their debut album Leave A Whisper which also featured the single “Fly From The Inside”, both of which held top 5 spots on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock charts. It’s really an example of how life is give-and-take.”, “I remember the vocals on that song, at the time we recorded it about 2001-2002, that vocal was a demo vocal, it was done in a garage with a makeshift door into another kind of studio room in a house in Florida,” he said. When it actually had nothing to do with a gun’. blooba96on July 31, … Jules Shear - "All Through The Night"They're Playing My Song Shears does very little promotion, which has kept him secluded from the spotlight. Brent Smith explained the song's meaning to Loudwire: "'Devil' is really about understanding that maybe in your past you might have run into the brick wall. Shinedown Nation has your Smith & Myers pre-sale tickets for the October 17th, Crofoot Festival Grounds and October 21st, Malco Summer Drive - In show! My InterpretationFor me this song is about being in a situation that makes you feel unhappy and miserable but you know you will get out of it and have to hang on, even though a better situation seems so far out of reach, you have to face the weather before you, tell all the uninvited tragedies to step outside and someday you will feel better, someday you will be better. Save Me. Shinedown lead singer Brent Smith told Foundry Music: "I think a lot of people kind of take a literal sense because of the lyrics - but the song is basically about the day that you wake up and you look at yourself in the mirror and you finally decide that you want to try to become comfortable in your own skin, and realize that you're gonna have to make yourself happy before you're going to make anyone else happy. I still think it means this, although he could have written this about a past relationship it does not have to be about that. try { It was also one of the first songs written as a band, before they even came up with the name Shinedown and one of frontman Brent Smith’s first songs of his professional career. "This is a song about utter, shear fear: just being terrified – not only of yourself, but of what's outside – but understanding that you're making the decision to flush these feelings and emotions out. He explained on Blabbermouth: "This song for me is the most personal song on the record because it's about how I grew up and my childhood. 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Smith, still under contract with record label Atlantic Records, recruited the band's original lineup of Jasin Todd as guitarist, Brad Stewart on bass, and Barry Kerch on drums. It was released on September 9, 2008, and has become Shinedown's highest-charting single. So, I just remember the day I wrote it and sang it and try to bring that conviction on stage.”. "45" is a song by American rock band Shinedown. Pre-sales start at 12pm local time! This song has such a deeper meaning. Shinedown song meanings and interpretations with user discussion. Band History Influences Favorite Charities the band BarryZach MyersBrent SmithEric Bass Band HistoryEarly in 2007, producer Rob Cavallo asked Shinedown frontman Brent Smith about his goals for the band's new album. When asked why he chose a gun to illustrate the metaphor he simply admitted he did need a powerful image and that it did carry some weight due to the unfortunate fact he had a few friends who met their demise by their own hands in that way. _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); The track was originally written during the sessions for Shinedown’s 2012 album Amaryllis, which frontman Brent Smith tells ABC Audio was nicknamed “The Kitchen Sink.”, “We threw everything on it and the kitchen sink,” Smith recalls of Amaryllis. It premiered this past March alongside a campaign to raise money for Direct Relief, which is providing healthcare workers with personal protective equipment amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “It is a very epic, cinematic-sounding record.”, “I mean, there’s five songs on the record that have a 24-piece orchestra,” he says. And I was like ‘why? “It’s misunderstood in a lot of ways,” Smith told American Songwriter. You've got to start to figure out who you are, and what you're capable of. Become a member. You don’t forget it but you got to let it go to move on.”. The song is telling the story of … _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); Behind The Song: “Spanish Harlem” by Phil Spector & Jerry Leiber, Behind the Song: “Healing Bones,” by Jules Shear & Rick Danko, Behind the Song: David Bowie, “Space Oddity”, Behind The Song: “A Long December” by Counting Crows, Behind The Song: “People Get Ready” by The Impressions, Behind The Song: “The Worst, Worst Christmas of Our Lives” by Amber Ruffin, AUDIO: John Sebastian on “Do You Believe in Magic”, Behind The Song: “Que Sera Sera” by Livingston & Evans, Behind The Song: “Voter Suppression” by My Politic, Behind The Song: “You’re Not The Only Lonely One” by Barry Keenan, Behind The Song: “Frederick” by Patti Smith, Taylor Guitars Expands Their Grand Theater Line With Two New Premium 800 And Koa Models, Yamaha’s New THR30IIA Expands the Wireless Desktop Amp Experience to Acoustic Guitarists, David Gilmour Partners With Martin Guitars For New Signature Edition Guitars, Martha Davis of The Motels Discusses New “Standards” and Old Demos, Quinn Sullivan Reflects on Unity and Hope on “All Around the World”, Jameson Rodgers Gets an Assist From Luke Combs on “Cold Beer Calling My Name”. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. What attracts me to Shinedown is their lyrics and interpretation. And he always tries to bring his all every time Shinedown plays it, recalling the initial energy he had while recording it almost two decades ago. It's about throwing caution to the wind and going after what you truly want in life." One of Shinedown’s earliest — and most popular tracks — is “45”. Original lyrics of 45 song by Shinedown.

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