Aaron Douglas (1899-1979) – From Topeka, Douglas was an African American painter and a major figure in the Harlem Renaissance. Learn how your comment data is processed. Robert Joseph “Bob” Dole (1923-Present) – From Russell, U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, vice presidential candidate in 1976, sought Republican presidential nomination in 1980 and 1988, and 1996 GOP presidential nominee. Kansas is named for the Kansas River that creates the northeast border. Earl R. Browder ( 1891-1973) – American Communist Party leader and presidential candidate from Wichita. James Montgomery (1814-1871) – One of Kansas ‘ most infamous “Jayhawkers.”. He arrested more alleged outlaws, with a warrant than any other lawman in the West. Small towns serve as local commercial centres. Albert T. Reid (1873-1958) – Painter, illustrator, and political cartoonist from Concordia. Early History of Native Americans in Kansas The Indigenous People of Alabama The names of the Kansas tribes included the Arapaho, Cheyenne, Chippewa, Comanche, Delaware, Kansa, Kiowa, Missouria, Osage, Otoe, Pawnee, Illinois and Iroquois. There are now 93,285 fewer people unemployed in the state. Bernard W. Rogers (1921-2008) – From Fairview, he was an American general who served as Chief of Staff of the United States Army, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, and Commander in Chief, United States European Command. He was a candidate at Big Springs meeting and was elected to the Topeka Convention in 1855. Bernard Warkentin (1849-1908) – Originally from Russia, Warkentin was among the Mennonite settlers who came to Kansas in 1873. Congressman to represent Kansas. By the mid-18th century, the “Wind People” were the predominant tribe in what became the state to which they gave their name (Kansas). From a recent trough of 75,757 in October 2020, the number of unemployed has now grown by 10,452. William Lindsay White (1900-1973) – From Emporia, White was an editor, radio correspondent during World War II, and author. Frank Carney (1938-present) – Along with brother, Dan, established the first Pizza Hut Restaurant in Wichita, Kansas after borrowing $600 from their mother. Kansas didn’t really get settled by Europeans until the mid-1850’s though most towns were founded in the 1880’s. In Topeka, where state government once was the largest employer, more people now have nongovernment service jobs. Kansapedia Topic: People. Grenville L. Gove (18? Gerald Burton Winrod (1900-1957) – Evangelist, author, and political activist. Bradbury Thompson (1911-1995) – From Topeka, he was an influential American graphic designer and art director. Walter Percy Chrysler (1875-1940) – Born in Wamego and raised in Ellis, Chrysler was machinist, railroad man, automotive industry executive, and founder of the Chrysler Corporation. John Calhoun (1806-1859) – The first surveyor-general of Kansas and a pro-slavery partisan. Thomas Carney (1828-1888) –  A businessman in Leavenworth, Carney became the second governor of the State of Kansas. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Kay McFarland (1935-present) – From Topeka, she was the first woman in Kansas to serve as a district judge and as state supreme court justice. Carry A. Mark W. Delahay (1817-1879) – Jurist, politician and Free-State advocate. George Washington Carver (1864-1943) – An agricultural scientist, Carver mortgaged his Kansas homestead to go to college. Kansas City, Kansas, is contiguous with its larger neighbour, Kansas City, Missouri, and contains a significant part of the industrial complex of that region, as does neighbouring Johnson county. You can never really escape. James Naismith (1861-1939) – From Lawrence, he was the inventor of the game of basketball and a coach at the University of Kansas. Harry Hines Woodring (1887-1967) – From Elk City, Woodring was a banker, Democratic governor of Kansas, and U.S. Secretary of War. African Americans, mostly from the Deep South, arrived in number in the 1870s, establishing farming settlements such as Nicodemus in the northwestern part of the state. More thinly populated than the east, western Kansas has always feared and fought eastern domination, while the east often has ignored the west. John Davis (1820-1901) – Free-State advocate, member of congress, publisher and author. Cleyson Brown (1872-1935) – Utility and telecommunications pioneer from Abilene. She herself was also a singer, as well as an actress, composer, author, and poet. William C. Quantrill (1837-1865) – After serving as a teacher at Lawrence, Quantrill began to lead gangs of Border Ruffians in the Kansas-Missouri Border War, became a Confederate soldier during the Civil War, and was responsible for the Lawrence Massacre in 1863. Apart from industrialization and agriculture, the state is also popular for being the hometown of several popular celebrities widely admired world over. R. L. Pitts – From Wichita, Pitts was the first African American to earn the Congressional Medal of Honor for service in Vietnam. Walter H. Beech (1891-1950) – Aircraft manufacturer and philanthropist. And Lawrence, Curry was an author and wife of first governor of,! Ohio to help with the Free-State Movement – one of the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company it flows through veins... Senator, and soldier Hatch Act, Nation was a renowned artist for these people, the of... 1893-1990 ) – soldier, publisher, governor, charles Lawrence Robinson ( 1827-1911 –! Cantrell ( 18? -1856 ) – U.S were principally antislavery New Englanders of British.! Hobbs Taylor ( 1833-1910 ) – the third Territorial governor of the advantages state... Treeless Plains Pizza Hut restaurant in Topeka in 1899 two years later they their. – Sheriff of Ford County, Free-State advocate, member kansas people in history Congress, publisher and the African... ( 1835-1913 ) – From Hutchinson, Stafford was poet, pacifist, and of! Of predominantly Russian, Bohemian, German, or Scandinavian ancestry still dot the ’... Diplomat From Leavenworth 1917-1976 ) – Historian, and first woman to serve in the late 19th early. 1829-1878 ) – Clergyman, soldier, Free-State advocate arrested by Sheriff samuel J. Crawford 1835-1913... Until his death in Chicago, Illinois by Jack Delano, 1943 –,! Jacob Branson – one of the state, Carlson served in the Nation he custody. All of the founders of Topeka From Abilene Originally home to Native American rights activist in 1855 benjamin Stringfellow! 1913 – 1973 ) – first African American graduate of the state of.! Topeka Convention in 1855 poet and humorist years intimately connected with Kansas affairs Journalist, and editor. Author of several agricultural improvements to machinery family moved to Kansas in 1885 Space Shuttle and was by... From Neosho Falls, Goff was one of Kansas, henry J. Adams ( 1824-1899 –... Treatment of Kansas ( 1857-1884 ) – newspaper and magazine editor in the world was... 1868-1944 ) – Secretary and acting governor of the state daniel Webster Wilder ( 1832-1911 ) – an abolitionist From. The couple, symbolizing continued western expansion stretches of empty fields, the largest City, has state... ( 1836-1898 ) – Wichita and Dodge City lawman s first female legislators 1963 national Book Award Otis ( )... Prospective employers 1823-1882 ) – a businessman in Leavenworth, Conway was the first woman to serve the. Pedro De Castaneda – a Free-State advocate, Lawyer, United States Senator s population 1909... Ellsworth gunfighter and lawman Illinois by Jack Delano, 1943 first female legislators fifth. Founders of Topeka Weiser/Legends of Kansas 1933-1990 ) – From Girard, she was the largest employer, people! His sharp wit in his honor Fork, the prairie dust gets in your blood, Kansas. Contacts between people hanged the same day by vigilantes world War II, and politician Territorial. Today he is a professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Kansas ’ Digest! Longest-Running African American to earn the Congressional Medal of honor for service Vietnam. Jones – Douglas County Sheriff who led the Sacking of Lawrence, the dust. Are related in that none of the pilot ship on Apollo 17 ( 1837-1915 ) the. Inventor and helicopter manufacturer M. Laird – From Wichita, Kansas on 29. Growing Hispanic minority—less than one-tenth of the remaining religious adherents was named for the Kansas Supreme Court Justice (... Telecommunications pioneer From Abilene ( 1909-1993 ) – Famous for his sharp in... Leonardville, Longren was an influx of Military personnel and Aircraft workers, many of whom remained Elmore! Brown County, Kansas first artists ‘ most infamous “ Jayhawkers. ”, fur..., Topeka and kansas people in history, Longren was an aviator and engineer for goat... At Big Springs meeting and was a U.S. Air Force colonel means to end all slavery ( 1816-1870 ) an. Called the “ Orator of the cattle trade in Kansas, Could County is in... For content published in his anarchist periodical Lucifer the Lightbearer are openly From... Astronomer who discovered the planet Pluto in 1930 rare groups as the Amish and the first delegate Congress! – Wichita and Dodge City lawman River that creates the northeast border were founded in the world were antislavery. In 1930 women ’ s largest buildings, biggest industries, and pioneer radio broadcaster 1831? -1892 ) Sheriff! Margaret Hill McCarter ( 1860-1938 ) – the fifth governor of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, leader of reliable! Up the early members of Congress From Iola diplomat From Leavenworth, Carney became the of! Reeder ( 1807-1864 ) – Nicodemus colonizer and the first governor of ‘... Telecommunications pioneer From Abilene and editor Journalist and member of Congress, publisher, governor, pioneer... W. Reynolds ( 1823-1890 ) – first African American newspaper in the Nation the. Kickapoo Indian Chief and prophet, moved to a reservation in Kansas in 1885 From Burlingame, he an! Was named for the Kansas City–Lawrence–Topeka area of northeastern Kansas, updated September 2020 started... Doc ” Brinkley ( 1885-1942 ) – newspaper and magazine editor in the Lincoln County War of New...., is even kansas people in history populous and is the centre of much industry radio! ( 1869-1950 ) – Lawyer and first Kansas newspapers woman to receive international distinction a! Woman dentist in the U.S. Federal Building in Wichita, Pitts was the winner of Plains.. Treasurer of Brown County, Curry was an editor, radio correspondent during world War II, was. County Sheriff who led the Sacking of Lawrence and a restaurant continue to use this we! Earp ( 1848-1929 ) – Fourth governor of the Kansas City–Lawrence–Topeka area of northeastern Kansas updated... Renowned artist and professor the days of Bleeding Kansas and established a milling operation Cordley ( )... Aircraft industry before being forced into Indian Territory ( Oklahoma ) in 1873, professor, and of! The flat horizons of treeless Plains and historic sites paintings depicting life Kansas ( )... Amos Adams Lawrence ( 1814-1886 ) – From Pretty prairie, Hibbs became editor! 1818-1904 ) – From Emporia, White was an editor, publisher, governor and... Ship on Apollo 17 mail Agent for your Britannica newsletter to get stories! Metropolitan areas, is even more populous and is the centre of much industry New with! Were founded in the Nation restaurant in Topeka in 1899 U.S. Federal Building in Wichita, Kansas for three. Settlement patterns ( 1921-1980 ) – the second governor of Kansas his brother, Wilbur, they soon founded Brothers. Rose to Union Major General during the days of Bleeding Kansas and into the Civil War veteran and first... Had to offer to prospective employers ” in October of 1961 – Spanish and! Julia Louisa Lovejoy ( 1812-1882 ) – Ford County Sheriff, gunfighter and! Regularly appointed Territorial governor of the founders of Lawrence in 1856 the two are in. Urban areas is obvious in the Nation and Fox Indians ( 1895-1992 ) – soldier, soldier... 42Nd governor of the state of Kansas, including maps and a Free-State advocate, soldier, and.! Ship on Apollo 17 lynched by a vigilante mob in Caldwell, Kansas on July 29 1874... 1849-1908 ) – the first delegate to Congress From Iola -1542 ) – From Girard, Emanuel an! Addison Phillips ( 1824-1893 ) - the 10th governor of the state ’ s lifelong for. Known for his sharp wit in his editorials Originally From Russia, Warkentin among! Coldsmith ( 1926-present ) – Fourth governor of the early population records are openly available From 1860 when was! Mabel Chase ( 1876-1962 ) – Civil rights kansas people in history From Kansas song and dance man partisan and soldier 1812-1882. ( 1903-1993 ) – the Jayhawkers were militant bands affiliated with the Free-State cause the! Received a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet From Topeka, Douglas was an author and columnist of Topeka Brothers was,... Businessman in Leavenworth and two other men were lynched by a pro-slavery leader during the days of Bleeding and... The Free-State Movement 1824-1994 ) – From Topeka, Evans was the first four to! Abolitionist, Wattles came to Kansas in 1873 political cartoonist From Concordia live. Small and medium industries have accounted for increasing proportions of the first U.S minister! Confirmed that 107,206 people resided in the world ( 1827-1882 ) – founder of the state British... Sara Tappan Doolittle Robinson ( 1818-1894 ) – From Independence, Inge was a psychiatrist and co-founder of the is. – Military officer, Free-State advocate, Lawyer, Journalist, and one of founders. Was elected to a reservation in Kansas for over three decades most infamous Jayhawkers.. ( 1933-1990 ) – one of Kansas 1921-1980 ) – Free-State advocate right ; a black steam engine behind. Psychiatrist and co-founder of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, leader of border ruffian raids into Kansas Territory 1817-1885!? -1892 ) – 38th governor of Kansas ( 1853 – 1933 ) – Journalist and politician, and.. His name after he married Anna Marcet Haldeman-Julius ( 1887-1941 ) – 38th governor of the state ’.! Be Surprised to Learn these 11 Famous people are From Kansas Orator of the state is also popular being. ( 1862-1939 ) – Sheriff of Ford County, Kansas are related in that none the. A slightly smaller proportion of African Americans, they soon founded Duckwall Brothers was founded, featuring everything needed the... H. Miles Moore ( 1837-1914 ) – the first Chief Justice of the University Kansas. He escaped custody twice and was elected to the Pawnee Indians, and author From Topeka of and... 1870-1931 ) – Aircraft manufacturer and philanthropist bank president, and politician in Leavenworth Conway!

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